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It's called UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). It saves power so the computer can keep running after the power goes off. The time it keeps running depends on the type of the UPS Actually, you have several options. The most obvious is to purchase a power back up unit for computers. Wal Mart, Sam's Club, eBay. Buy a auto jump starter. These are made with built in flash lights, radios, lighter sockets, 120Vac outlets, and jumper cables. If you really want to go out on a limb, get a power inverter (300kw-750kw should be enough) that can be plugged onto the lighter socket in your car. Start the car, increase the idle, plug in computer.

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What are the differences between the parts of a generator and the parts of a motor?

In principle a generator is the same as a motor. In a dc motor the voltage generated by the rotating armature is slightly less than the supply voltage which causes power to flow in from the supply. If an engine is then coupled to the shaft causing it to rotate faster, then it generates more voltage and power flows back into the supply. That is how a motor becomes a generator.

Can a DC Generator be made to build up voltage with reversed direction of rotation?

Yes. A DC generator builds up a voltage and can supply power no matter which direction it is rotated.

What voltage does a Briggs and Stratton generator supply?

In my looking up generators I found that a briggs and stratton handy Gen 2500A generator supplys the following voltage 230 volts/8.1 amp. Which sounds like a great supply of voltages.

What is meant by load in diesel generators?

Any device that uses the generator to supply its operating voltage is electrically classed as a generator load.

What size generator for 1600 amps three phase supply?

Any size, you have not said what the voltage is!

Is it possible to operate DC generator without any residual magnetism?

no...because before producing voltage needed to connect the generator to the grid then after it will produced voltage.AnswerYes, but only if you have an external d.c. supply to supply the field windings. Such machines are called, 'separately-excited'.

What are the causes of power supply failure in computer?

high voltage

How many amps is 8500 watts generator?

8500w / 230v = 36 amps 230 is supply voltage

What part of the x-ray machine produces x-rays?

The high vacuum x-ray tube. To do that it needs the supply of a high voltage from a high voltage generator aka x-ray generator.

What is the output voltage of Desktop Power Supply?

This can very greatly from computer to computer. You will have to open the case of your computer to tell.

What is fuction of power supply?

The power supply makes the computer run, without any type of power supply it would be impossible to run a computer. The mains power supply for a laptop and the power supply unit of a desk top, both convert the high AC voltage from the mains power and convert it to low voltage DC, for the electronics of a computer to use.

Where can a DC exciter be found?

It can be found on an electrical generator set. It is used to supply the DC voltage for the field coils.

What does a power supply do to a computer?

It takes an input voltage of 120 volts AC and changes it to the proper voltage to operate all the internal electrical components of the computer.

Why does a computer need A PSU?

Computer components are designed to run at very low voltage - The Power Supply Unit (PSU) converts mains electricity to a lower voltage for use by the computer !

What regulates the wall voltage to the voltages required by the computer chips?

The Power Supply

What are the differences between self excited and separately excited dc generator?

In self excited dc generators the coil gets the excitation voltage from the voltage generated in it after a time period but not in the starting itself, whereas in separately excited generator an external supply is must for supplying exciting voltage to the coil

Where can the input voltage selection be changed from 110 volts to 220 volts on a computer system?

The input voltage has to be changed before the source enters the power supply. Look on the back of the computer for a switch that can be placed, either in the 110 or 220 position. This will allow the computer to boot up using the correct input supply voltage.

A complete circuit contains two parallel connected devices and a generator for providing?

A complete circuit contains two parallel connected devices and a generator for providing a supply voltage to the circuit.

Why does a computer use 12V?

The input power of a computer Power Supply is usually 110-240VAC. The power supply usually transforms the input voltage into 3.3V, 5V, and 12V...all in DC. Different components require different voltage...either (1)ONE of a combination of these. 12V is one output voltage of the PSU(Power Supply)

Why does the induced emf known as back emf?

In a dc motor the voltage generated in the armature acts against the supply voltage. The current is the voltage difference divided by the armature resistance. If the rotor is turned faster so that the back emf exceeds the supply voltage, the current goes the other way and the motor has become a generator.

What supplies power to a computer?

The "power supply" supplies power to a computer. A computer's power supply is a "switchmode power supply" responsible for converting the AC voltage from the wall into several DC output voltages.

What does a voltage source do?

A 'voltage source' is a general term, for anything that can supply electrical power.It can be a battery, generator, solar panel etc.It is mentioned on schematics and other diagrams, to show where the power is applied.

Can you install 60 amps generator and only get 50 amps AC power at 110 - 240 volts?

If you need 50 amps you can use a 60 amp generator or any other generator rated to supply more amps. The voltage, 110 v or 240 v, must be the right voltage for the load used.

What is the difference between a transformer and a rectifierwhich are found in a PC power supply?

The rectifier is what changes your AC into DC that the computer can use. Transformer raises or lowers the voltage. So you have 110 volts AC coming into your computers power supply. The Rectifier circuit in there changes the AC voltage to DC voltage but it is still to high for the computer use. The transformer lowers that voltage down to the various voltages that your computer needs

How do you install an Uninterruptible Power Supply to a computer?

Bond it to a standard regulation fail-proof always-running generator.

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