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none of them try to be like them, though some claim they are him.

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2011-10-06 13:43:00
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Q: What dictators are trying to be like God?
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What is a based god?

Someone trying to be a God or like God.

What do the dictators trying to find out?

Dictator's trying to find out how do they help their self and protect and help people.

Is homework god?

Possibly. Many people certainly spend an awful lot of time thinking about homework, and trying to avoid it, and trying to cheat on it --- just like they spend time thinking about god and trying to avoid god's punishment and trying to cheat and get into heaven.

Why were most dictators military leaders?

This is easy because most dictators were military leaders because they made a difference in the war, like hitler.

Why do dictators like Hitler?

Dictators today like Hitler probably because Hitler was a dictator. He showed very good qualities about dictatorship, and lead a good example to those people who wanted to be like him, who would later become dictators or follow the same type of evil path as Hitler set out on.

What are right-wing dictators?

right wing dictators are dictators that help the main one

Was the roman empire a democracy?

No it was a dictatorship, run by many dictators, like the senate as a body, this was the reason Julius Caesar was murdered, he wanted to run the whole show by himself and wanted to be Holy Roman Emperor (Like a god!)

When was The Dictators created?

The Dictators was created in 1973.

Why is the Bible banned in some countries?

Usually, the governments of these countries are "dictatorships." Such dictators will tolerate "no other God before them."

What are the limits to a dictators power?

They don't have limits, and that is why they are dictators. Dictators have complete control over their country.

Where does persecution happen the most?

Wherever the government does not have to answer to the people. It varies amongst dictators depending on how many people are trying to put them out of power.

How do you achieve God?

You can achive god by Almost being like a turtle.So like You have self control.And other things.....Sorry i cant fully explain what im trying to say

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