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The Amnesty Proclamation, presented by Abraham Lincoln in 1863, offered pardon to confederates who had not been involved in treasonous behavior or brutality during the war. These individuals were required to sign an oath of allegiance to the union. This is part of Lincoln's plan for a smooth transition of southern states back into the union.

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Why did Abraham Lincoln preserve the union?

Abraham Lincoln tried to preserve the Union because he deeply cared about his country and his countrymen.

Was Abraham Lincoln apart of the confederacy or union?

Union by trying to preserve it.

Who wanted to preserve the union at all cost?

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln declared that his primary goal as President was to?

Preserve the union.

Early in his Presidency Abraham Lincoln declared that his primary goal as President?

to preserve the union

Why did Abraham Lincoln only free the slaves in the confederacy and not the slaves in the union during the civil war?

to preserve the union

Why is Abraham Lincoln a Great American?

Abraham Lincoln helped free the slaves from South In United States and fought the US Civil War to preserve the Union.

Was Abraham Lincoln an abolitionalist?

Not particularly. It was more important to him to preserve the union, slavery was not his main concern.

Which president felt that it was more important to preserve the Union than to punish the South?

Abraham Lincoln

Was Abraham Lincoln a confederade or a union?

Abraham Lincoln was on the Union side.

Abraham Lincoln confederate or union?

Abraham Lincoln was on the Union side. The Confederate side had split up from the Union because of the election on Abraham Lincoln.

What were two important things that Abraham Lincoln did?

One important thing Abraham Lincoln did was to fight to preserve the Union. He also issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which led to the freedom of slaves.

What did Abraham Lincoln preserve?

his pants

What did Abraham Lincoln do to make him great?

Abraham Lincoln did not want slavery to continue and he wanted to preserve the Union but unfortunately he was assassinated before he could do so, he also wrote the emancipation proclamation.

What did Abraham Lincoln believe was important for the US?

LIncoln's first goal was to preserve the union of the United States. He did not accept the right of any state to secede from the union.

Was Abraham Lincoln union or confederate?

He is Union

What did Lincoln fight to preserve during the civil war?

Lincoln wanted to preserve the union to protect and defend.

Who urged southerners to reunite as Americans?

Abraham Lincoln or the union urged southerners to reunite with them. Abraham Lincoln was the union president.

Was Abraham Lincoln the president of the union or the confederacy?

Abraham Lincoln was President of the Union whereas Jefferson Davis was President of the Confederacy .

Was Abraham Lincoln the union or the Confederate general?


At the beginning of the Civil War President Abraham Lincoln maintain that the war was being fought to?

At the beginning of the Civil War President Lincoln stated that the war was being fought to preserve the Union.

What did Abraham lincoln try to accomplish during the civil-war?

Lincoln wanted to end the rebellion of the seceded states and preserve the federal union. Ending slavery was a secondary matter.

What was the role of Abraham Lincoln in civil war?

Abraham Lincoln was the President of the Union in the Civil War.

Who was Webster who fought to preserve the Union?

Abrham Lincoln

Was Abraham Lincoln for the Union or the Confederacy?

Abraham Lincoln was the president of the Union during the civil war. So yes, he was supporting the union during the civil war.