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because the house had seprate parts

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What did Abraham Lincoln mean when he spoke of the divided house in 1858?

He was referring to the United States split into the north and south of the Civil War.

What did Abraham Lincoln mean in his ''house divided'' speech of June 16 1858?

He was referring to the conflictualsituation in being between the Northern States and Southern States at that time.

What does the house divided speech by Lincoln mean?

the separation of the North and South of the U.S.

How did southerners react to abraham lincoln's election?

Some of the people of the South were upset with the election of Abraham Lincoln. They thought that Abraham Lincoln in the White House would mean the end to their well being as plantation owners.

What did Lincoln house divided speech mean?

What did the south do with all federal instillations after it seceded

What does the quote 'A house divided can not stand' mean?

Abraham Lincoln paraphrased the Bible when using this quote in his speech in 1858. The "house" he was referring to was the United States, and that house was divided between the opponents and advocates of slavery. He meant that the U.S. would not be a strong nation, and susceptible to external pressure and conflict, if they could not agree on the issue.

What does Abraham Lincoln mean to you?

the freedom of the slaves

Was Abraham Lincoln parents mean?

they abused him

What is Andrew Lincoln number?

If you mean Abraham Lincoln as president he was 16th president.

Who is Abraham linkin?

I think you mean Abraham Lincoln the president of the USA from 1861-1865

How was Abraham Lincoln a Chief Diplomat?

What does Chief of Diplomat mean?

What does divided house mean?

Lincoln was quoting a Biblical reference. "A house divided against itself cannot stand." He was referring to the tensions within the USA, and the conflict between its two widely different societies, North and South.

What did Lincoln mean by saying that a house divided against itself cannot stand?

He was making a reference to the 12 states that left the union. Hence "a house divided" and he meant that if it stayed that way the nation couldn't stay a nation.

Who as the 16th resident of the US?

If you mean president... that would be Abraham Lincoln

What does it mean you can't defend Abraham Lincoln without defending slavery?

because abraham licoln stood for slavery

Whose face is on the penny?

Abraham Lincoln If you mean the USA $0.01 coin, then the engraving on the front is one of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States. If you mean the British 1p coin, it carries a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Abraham Lincoln has been on the one cent coin from 1909 to date.

What are some verbs that would never describe Abraham Lincoln?

Greedy and mean would never describe Lincoln.

Who was the president of the northern states?

If you mean during the Civil War, it was Abraham Lincoln.

What did Abraham Lincoln mean when he said conceived in liberty?

Born in a free country

What did Abraham Lincoln mean by our fathers in the Gettysburg Address?

The people who founded the US

Which president was born in woods county?

Abraham lincoln was born in Kentucky if that is what you mean

What is on the front of a penny?

If you mean the US one-cent coin, the answer is a bust of Abraham Lincoln.

How does the 5 dollar bill represent Abraham Lincoln?

I'm not sure what you mean by represent. Abraham Lincoln's picture is on the five dollar bill

Did shakespeare write a play about Lincoln and lee?

Shakespeare died in 1616. Lincoln (assuming you mean Abraham Lincoln) wasn't born until 1809. So, what do you think?

What does Abraham Lincoln's famous quote a house divided cannot stand mean?

If a house doesn't have walls then it cannot stand. DUH. The house referenced in the speech is a metaphoric house that is the United States of America. That house, the U.S., was, at the time, divided among itself about the issue of Slavery. It was proved three years later that Lincoln was exactly right. The United States of America went into war against itself about the issue of slavery, along with whether the Federal government should have more or less power, and, for the North, keeping the United States united.