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Albert Einstein loved to play the violin. He learned to play as a child and said it helped him to relax as an adult.

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Why did Einstein hate math?

Albert Einstein love math

Which part of life did Albert Einstein love comic book?

at the age 5-12 Albert Einstein love comic until 1884

Did Albert Einstein love to read books and think?

Mr Einstein was dyslexic........

Is Alan Einstein the son of Albert Einstein?

No the sons of Albert Einstein are: Hans Albert Einstein and Eduard. They also had a daughter named Lieserl (Her real name is unknown but love letters to Einstein's wife Maric from Einstein call her Lieserl)

Who was Time Magazine Person of the Century?

albert eisteindata from amerisuccesscartit was Albert Einstein.Albert EinsteinAlbert EinsteinAlbert Einstein

Does Marie curie love albert Einstein?

No, but Einstein was in love with Marie Curie during his Paris years when he studied her researches.

What did Albert Einstein need?

he needed love and respect of athority

Who were the two sons of Albert Einstein?

Hans Albert Einstein and Eduard Einstein Hans Albert Einstein and Eduard Einstein maybe twins

What Albert Einstein invent?

Albert Einstein was not an inventor.

how old was albert einstein?


What school did Albert Einstein go to?

albert Einstein went to Einstein school

Who said gravity is not responsible for people falling in love?

Albert Einstein...............

What did albert Einstein love?

He Loved the study of science xD ALBERT <3 SCIENCE 4Eva Hunny :***

Was Albert Einstein African American?

Albert Einstein was a Jew from Germany.

What are all the books Albert Einstein wrote called?

Ideas and opinion The Born-Einstein letters Sidelights on relativity Einstein's Annalen papers Albert Einstein/Mileva Marić--the love letters The World As I See It Out of my later years Bite-size Einstein Albert Einstein, Hedwig und Max Born, Briefwechsel Essential Einstein

Albert Einstein why he got his nickname?

Albert Einstein is his real name. Does he have a nickname? I thought it was just Albert Einstein.

What is Albert Einstein's children'sname?

Albert Einstein had a daughter named Lieserl Einstein, and two sons named Hans Albert Einstein and Eduard Einstein

Was Albert Einstein the oldest sibling?

albert Einstein is the oldest

Was Albert Einstein a pacifist?

Yes, Albert Einstein was a pacifist.

Albert Einstein History?

Albert Einstein meats magritte

What did Albert Einstein get his Ph.D in?

Albert Einstein did not receive a PhD

How do you spell Albert Einstein?

Albert Einstein is the correct spelling

Was Albert Einstein Latino?

No, Albert Einstein was not Latino. He was German.

Was albert Einstein blind?

No, Albert Einstein was not blind, but he was dislexyic.

What Albert Einstein envent?

Albert Einstein did envent things