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What did Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prize family discover?



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Alfred Nobel discovered a way to volatile nitroglycerin into a storable marketable form of explosive called DYNAMITE!

His family had always been involved with chemistry and in fact his Brother died while experimenting with TNT.

Alfred's Contributions:

In 1864, Alfred Nobel founded Nitroglycerin AB in Stockholm, Sweden.

In 1865, he built the Alfred Nobel & Co. Factory in Krümmel near Hamburg, Germany.

In 1866, he established the United States Blasting Oil Company in the U.S.

In 1870, he established the Société général pour la fabrication de la dynamite in Paris, France.

Although his intentions were good, Dynamite was used for more than building and construction - it was used for destruction and war- causing the death of many people.

Alfred felt terrible about this,

he wanted a way to right what went wrong-

so when he died in 1896, Alfred Nobel left behind a 9 million dollar endowment fund to support his lasting wish for peace and invention.

The Nobel prize is awarded yearly to people whose work helps humanity.

In total, Alfred Nobel had 355 patents in the fields of electrochemistry, optics, biology, and physiology.


It wasn't so much in his honor, but he was the one who put up the original prize money. I assume the prize money now comes from some kind of trust he or someone else set up in his name. Phil