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She gave us our lives today

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How does Athena give birth?

Athena was a virgin goddess in Greek mythology. Athena did not give birth.

Did Athena have a daughter namd awora?

No Athena did not. The Greek goddess Athena was a virgin, she did not give birth to any child.

Did Athena give her name to an important city?

Athens, Greece is named after Athena.

Judging from how Athena helps Telemachus and Nausicaa what quality does Athena give to people?


What gift did Zeus give to Athena?

Athena doesn't have a mother. Athena came out of Zeus head so Zeus gave Athena the gift of wisdom and battle strategy.

Did Zeus give birth to Athena?

Not in the literal sense, no. Athena sprung forth from Zeus' head.

What did Athena give to Hercules?

She raped him forcefully.

What did Athena give the Athens and why?

She was their patron goddess.

What did Athena give to Perseus?

Athena gave Perseus a polished shield, which he used to look at Medusa's reflection in.

How old was Athena when she had a baby?

Athena of Greek mythology was a virgin goddess, she did not give birth to any baby.

Who did Zeus give birth to with a javelin in hand?


What gift did athena give to athens?

An olive tree.

Is there an Accelerated Reader test for The Mark of Athena?

No. Give it one more week and there could possibly be a test for The Mark of Athena.

What assurance does Athena give to telemachus?

That his father is not dead and is in Ithaca

When was the Goddess Athena born?

The Greeks did not give a date to their mythology.

What is the theme for the book Athena the brain?

never give up

Who is Athena in the Odysseus and what promise does she give to Odysseus?

the blind prophet.

What did Athena give Greeks that they named city after her?

An olive tree.

What did the goddess Athena give bellerophon to help him carry out his plan?

Athena gave Bellerophon a golden bridle that he used to tame Pegasus.

Who did Athena give the eye of Argus to?

Athena gave Argus's eye to a peacock, and thus, that's why they have many eyes! Hope I helped.

Where do you meet Athena after you got the five sacred items on Mythology island on Poptropica?

After you give the items to Zeus, the old lady will turn into Athena.

What gift did Athena give to Pandora?

Athena helped Pandora get dressed in beautiful cloths and taught her household tricks like sewing and spinning.

Why did Athena give the Greeks an olive tree?

Poseidon and Athena had a contest to see which god/goddess would have a Greek city-state named after them. Poseidon made a spring, and Athena gave them an olive branch.

What struggles did Athena face?

Claiming Athens. Athena and Poseidon fought over it until Zeus suggested to give a gift that would be judged by the Athenians themselves. Athena won and declared patron of Athens.

How did Zeus give birth to Athena?

She sprung from the head of Zeus. (She had no mother)

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