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hes a famous inventer

he invented the rotary hoe

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When did Norman Howard Cliff die?

Norman Howard Cliff died in 2007.

When was Norman Howard Cliff born?

Norman Howard Cliff was born in 1925.

When did bob howard invent the x games?

it was robert howard

What has the author Howard Watson written?

Howard Watson has written: 'Collecting Clarice Cliff'

When did howard aiken invent the computer?


When did Howard Florey invent Penicillen?

he did not invent it he just discovered his medical use but he discovered it in 1939>

Why did Howard Schultz invent Starbucks?

He didn't invent starbucks. He bought Starbucks from 3 founders.

Did William H. Taft invent anything?

William Howard Taft did not invent anything!

What did Edwin howard armstrong invent?

The FM Radio

Where did sylvester howard roper invent the motorcycle?

In my butt!!!

What are the release dates for Howard Stern on Demand - 2005 Cliff Palate at AVN?

Howard Stern on Demand - 2005 Cliff Palate at AVN was released on: USA: April 2006

When did Howard Florey invent penicillin?

It was 1939 and he didn't invent penicillin he just discovered its medicinal uses.

What did Lewis Howard Latimer invent?

a carbon light bulb

What did Sylvester Howard Roper invent?

the steam powered motorbike

Did howard hughes invent a bra especially for Jane Russell?


What did howard florey invent?

Howard Florey and other students at Oxford University did research on Penicillin at Peoria,Illinois in 1939

What did aiken invent?

Howard Aiken invented the first program controlled calculator.

DiD Lewis Howard Latimer invent the light bulb or did Thomas Edison?

Thomas Edison did

When did Johannes Gutenberg invent the periscope?

Gutenberg didn't invent the periscope. He invented the printing press. The periscope was invented by Sir Howard Gruff in Dublin, Ireland in 1865.

When did john howard invent the outlet?

John Howard invented the electrical outlet in 1924. Prior to his invention lamp bulb plugs were used to connect various household appliances.

What did howard aiken invent?

The MARK series Mark I Mark II, computer/calculator one of the first computers

When did lewis latimer invent the light bulb?

Louis Howard Latimer, born in 1848, was an inventor and engineer. However, he did not invent the lightbulb he invented the carbon filament for the light bulb. A part that was patented in 1881.

Why did John Howard invent the electric outlet?

for money. why else? more people then bought certain stuff that worked with the outlet.

What did luke howard invent?

His lasting contribution to science is a nomenclature system for clouds, which he proposed in an 1802 presentation to the Askesian Society.

What happened to Bobby Howard who played for the Chicago Bears?

Bobbie Howard went on to manufacture fitted top sheets in bedding after retiring from the Chicago Bears. Howard and his partner T.Trace, from Niles, MI, now own the Willis Tower soon to be named Cliff Stroud Estates.

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