What did DE Leon not know about Florida?


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de leon didn't know that Florida was not a continet

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ponce de leon travled to florida by ship

Ponce DE Leon discovered Florida, i think. That's all i know. I'm out!!

ponce de leon landed in Florida

what landform did pounce de leon think florida was

Ponce De Leon named Florida because of the word "Easter" or in Spanish "Pascua de Florida"

Yes, Jaun Ponce De Leon discovered and explored Florida.

the question is suppose to be when did he discover Florida that's what i am answering , ponce de leon discovered Florida in 1513

Juan Ponce de Leon was a Spanish explorer and soldier who was the first European to set foot in Florida.

Ponce de leon (Juan Ponce De Leon) sailed from Spain and sailed to Florida!

Ponce de LeonPonce de Leon explored Florida looking for the Fountain of Youth.

Juan Ponce de Leon discovered Florida, or as he called it 'La Florida', on April 2, 1513.

Juan Ponce De Leon Juan Ponce De Leon

its not ponce de leon found Florida and saw so many flowers and flowers in spanish is flores so they called Florida

juan ponce de leon discovered Florida

Jaun Ponce de Leon was the first European to explore Florida

Ponce De Leon went to Florida in 1513

Ponce De Leon went to Florida Puerto Rico

La Florida was named by Juan Ponce de Leon on 2 April 1513.

Tallahassee is approximately halfway between Ponce de Leon and Gainesville.

Ponce de Leon sailed to Florida in 1513. I am not sure that Gama was part of his name.

Juan Ponce De Leon is important to Florida history because he discovered and explorer Florida. He was the first explorer to do so.

Juan Ponce de Leon started his journey to Florida in 1513 , but went to colonize it in 1521.

Ponce De Leon searched for the Fountain of Youth which was said that if a person drunk from it he will be given the gift of youth forever. Ponce De Leon did not however find such fountain, but instead claimed a land for Spain and called it Florida. Yes, the Florida we know today was discovered by Ponce De Leon.

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