What did Darwin think formed the Andes Mountains?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What did Darwin think formed the Andes Mountains?
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In what mountain range did the Inca live?

The Incas were primarily from the Andes Mountains of South America.

Is the Andes Rocky Mountains or the Mid-Atlantic ridge the longest in the world?

I think it is andes

What are the water forms in the rainforest?

I think it is the Andes mountains

What has drawn farmers to the Andes Mountains?

the rich soil.

What mountains 47 north latitude 90 east longitude?

I think the are the Andes

Which chains of mountains runs north and south through the entire length of South America?

The Andes mountains run north and south for more than 4000 miles through South America.

What two features on earth's crust was formed by plate movement?

mountains and glacers i think but i know that mountains are right

How did they think mountains were formed in the 1900's?

Alfred thought that mountain were formed by two continents smashing together with such force that the land was forced up.

What is the importance of the Andes mountains?

The Andes mountains extend over seven countries Andes Mountains, is one of the most important archaeological centers in South America. The small tree Cinchona pubescence, a source of quinine which is used to treat malaria, is found widely in the Andes as far south as Bolivia. Other important crops that originated from the Andes are tobacco, and potatoes. The Inca Trail is one of the longest trails in the World. It runs in the Andes, connecting important spots of the region. Also known in Spanish as "El Camino Inca", the ancient road system has a length of 22.530 km the Andes is the most important factor influencing the ramifications of El Niño on the Amazon basin,the role of the mountain chain in preventing the warm and moist air characteristic of an El Niño from reaching the Amazon. The Andes is the most important region in the world for amphibians. For other major groups the numbers are equally impressive: Almost 600 species of mammals

What is South America's highest mountain range?

The Andes Mountains is South America's highest mountain range, It is shared by Peru, Chile, and Argentina. Mount Aconcagua, located 50 miles northeast of Santiago, Chile and is part of the Andes, is the second tallest mountain in the world at 22,841 feet.

What is the name of the world's steepest street?

I think its K2 which is in the Himalayas, but I know the Andes has several mountains which are totally vertical. I don't know if they count as mountains, or rock faces/walls.

Can bananas be grown in the Andes?

no i do not think they can