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Egyptian's ate animals as one of the foods.

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they ate bread, animals and vegetables

They ate meats fruits vegestables. They drank beer 4 te poor ppl and wine 4 the rich ppl

They liked the Egyptions style of liveing and decited to copy them..... they made pyrimids but smaller than the ones the Egyptions made. and they made up a way to write with pictures like the Egyptions.

Egypt is a largely Muslim country and its people do not celebrate christmas. The Christian people in Egypt (there are a large number) will have a feast meal.

Most Egyptians were farmers.

Your answer is: the Egyptions. In early years the Egyptions made fluffy white bread with wheat. They then relized the bread would cook under the heat of the sun.

either Greeks or egyptions

i think they invented hyrogliphics

a pharoes duty is to lead the egyptions

the nile river was important to ancient egyptions because it allowed the ancient egyptions to have systems of transportation, sanitation, and irrigation. the nile river helped the ancient egyptions stay functional. I love cake ^^ I love cake too. c: <3

it was the belife of egyptions

to show how much the egyptions treasured the person

It was the egyptions and the native american

because they seperated the israelites from the egyptions

The egyptions planted crops in Giza.

Ask the ancient egyptions

One example of how technology helped the Egyptions understand the Nile is the nilometor. The nilometer helped the Egyptions measure how much of the Nile river flooded.

Egyptians live in Egypt, unless they have settled abroad.

Egypt, the valley of the lower reaches of the Nile.

It was on ships to get rid of rats and i think it was the Egyptions.

the egyptions did. they wore a lot of jewelry resembeling their cultures

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