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Henry Clinton was a British General in the American Revolution. He was against the Americans.

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Who was General Clinton during the American Revolution?

General Sir Henry Clinton was England's military commander in the Americas for most of the Revolutionary War.

Who are some famous people during the American revolution war in New York?

Several battles on the American Revolution were fought in New York. Some famous people during this time include General Daniel Morgan, Benedict Arnold, British General Clinton, General George Washington and General John Burgoyne.

Was Thomas Jefferson a general in a army?

Yes Thomas Jefferson was an American general during the American revolution.

What mareican general was known as mad Anthony?

If your meant American General the answer is Mad Anthony Wayne. He was an general for the Americans during the American Revolution or my accurately the American War for Independence.

Who was General Lafayette and what did he do during the American Revolution?

He was a French General Officer and George Washington's Chief of Staff and Inspector General.

Who is the general who helped America during American revolution?

The Prussian General Frederick William Baron von Steuben.

Who is General Rochambeau?

General Rochambeau was a French officer who helped the colonies during the American Revolution, by providing a navel fleet.

Who is Richard Schuckburgh?

He was a general during the American Revolution, known for writing the song "Yankee doodle."

Was George Washington a wartime leader?

As Commanding General of the American Continental Army during the Revolution

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