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use of atomic weapons against north korean and chinese forces


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McCarthur was the U.S. General who suggested that the United States should bomb North Korea.

MacArthur was removed from his command in the Korean war because he disagreed with President Truman on how the war should be conducted.

General Douglas MacArthur underestimated the Chinese decision to counter attack when he came too near the North Korean Chinese border. He felt we should attack China with atomic bombs and start WW III over the Korean War. He felt he could tell President Harry S. Truman what to do, and showed disrespect to the Commander-In-Chief (President Truman). He was fired, and replaced with another Allied United Nations General and the war ended in a stalemate. Nobody wanted to start World War 3, with nuclear weapons, because of the Korean War. It was the correct decision to replace General MacArthur, as starting WW III would have been a horrible mistake.

well he is seen differently through peoples eyes. he is a hero because of the liberation of the Philippines, but it should be metioned he caused the Korean war's destructive outcome. many historians have mixxed feelings about him.

The "Martin Letter" is important during the Korean War because it was the reason General MacArthur was fired. While President Truman was trying to find a way to peace, MacArthur, sent a letter to Congressman Joseph Martin, asking that the war be expanded and continue and that the United States should enter into a war with China also.

President Truman and Douglas MacArthur disagreed about whether or not the US should use nuclear weapons against China. China had said they would support North Korea in the war. Truman relieved MacArthur of his command in 1951.

General-Of-The-Army Douglas MacArthur believed that he could win the Korean War by means of an invasion of mainland China. In addition to crossing the Yalu River (the border between North Korea and China in most areas) with land invasion of Manchuria (northeast China), he also proposed the atomic bombing specifically of Beijing and perhaps other major Chinese cities if it came to it (such as Guangzhou and Shanghai). He was quite vehemently attached to the idea that China should be eradicated. For information as to the President's reaction to this idea, see the below link.

Because it was undeclared. Because of the question of whether atomic devices should have been used and because of the firing of MacArthur.

That would be mainly General Douglas MacArthur. On April 11th, 1951, US President Truman relieved the controversial General MacArthur, the Supreme Commander in Korea. There were several reasons for the dismissal. MacArthur had crossed the 38th parallel in the mistaken belief that the Chinese would not enter the war, leading to major allied losses. He believed that whether or not to use nuclear weapons should be his own decision, not the President's. MacArthur threatened to destroy China unless it surrendered. While MacArthur felt total victory was the only honorable outcome, Truman was more pessimistic about his chances once involved in a land war in Asia, and felt a truce and orderly withdrawal from Korea could be a valid solution. MacArthur was the subject of congressional hearings in May and June 1951, which determined that he had defied the orders of the President and thus had violated the US Constitution.

MacArthur made the very bad choice of publicly criticizing US foreign and military policy. He worked for President Truman and should have known better.

Few men are either all villain or all hero butin my opinion, judgement on him should be mostly negative. In 1932 he directly led troops (along with Major GeorgePatton at the time) in violent domestic action against World War I veterans protesting for their benefits in Washington, DC.During theill-fated Battle of Corregidor in the early phases of World War II, MacArthur evacuatedhimself and his family (albeit on the orders of the Secretary of War) leaving his remaining troops totheir ghastly and tragic fate (see Bataan Death March). MacArthur then began to obsess over the loss of the Phillipines to the Japanese. This obsession seemed to consume him and ultimately led to the brutal battle for Manila in which over 100,000Filipino citizens were killed(in large part by US heavy artillery attempting to clear the city). Most unforgivably, MacArthur was instrumental in pardoning thousands of Japanese Class A war criminals. The acts of which are unspeakable in many instances. Most notoriously, those of the members of Unit 731. During the Korean War, MacArthur's all-consuming ego made him a larger than life figure if not in his own mind. Because of this, his interactions with a once subordinate General Eisenhower (now president) suffered. It seemed as though MacArthur could not resolve himself to the fact that he was now outranked by a man he was once superior in rank. MacArthur was eventually relieved of his command by President Eisenhower. MacArthur was also insistent on the use of tactical nuclear weapons against Chinese forces during the Korean conflict. While MacArthur was certainly a capable, often brilliant battefield general, it seems as though his ego was in the end his hubris. What I find most concerning was his willful neglect of justice of Japanese war criminals following the war. Secondly, his willingness to lead troops against former veterans on American soil is equally relevant in my negative judgement against him as an American general and supposed war hero.

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More than 432 Medals of Honor were awarded for WWII. TOO MANY to list here. Examples of a few would be Colonel Matt Urban, Captain Audie Murphy, General of the Army Douglas Macarthur. For a complete list, just type US Medal of Honor recipients on a websearch. Many sites should come up, providing all the information you require.

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In some ways you might sya he was sccesfull, he pushed the north Korean forces very close to the Chinese borders and he ignored Chinese threats so Mao decided that china should enter the war, when the Chinese entered the war they pushed back the Americans and that was the longest retreat in u.s military history, and the u.s suffered high casualties the first few days after china joined the war.

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