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They stole the South's weapons and destroyed all of their resources.

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Q: What did General Sherman's army do when it used total war against the South?
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Why do you think shermans total war made it hard for the south and the north to reconcile after the war?

Because he had targeted civilians and smashed up the whole infrastructure of Georgia and South Carolina.

Who was the Union general in charge of the total war to the South?

General Sherman

What was total war and why did Sherman use it to help defeat the south?

"Total War" is an act (to my understanding) that kills off the enemies arsenal and resources to stop the enemies from continuing to fight (rebel). Without the resources, the South would have no way to rebel against the Union anymore besides they were already low on resources. General Ulyssis S. Grant believed in total war and he ordered General William Tecumseh Sherman, also a believer in total war, to wage total war against the South. He set out in March 1864 from Tennessee to Georgia. Sherman reached Atlanta, South's main manufacturing and railroad center, on September and he burned the city.

What was the total war who used it against the south and where did he use it?

A total war is when soldiers who are fighting in a war affect and rule over the civilians the shop keepers and the livestock in the civil war it was General Sherman who used the total war against the Confederacy. and he used it In Georgia during the "March to the Sea"

Who used total war against the south?


How did general William T Sherman wage total war against the south during his march to the sea?

By attacking the infrastructure that supported the Confederate armies in the field - the farms and the railroads.

Who is the Union general who waged total war on the south?

William T Sherman

What offers the best reasoning behind William Tecumseh shermans strategy of using total war to defeat the south?

Sherman's March to the Sea shortened the war by at least six months, at almost nil casualties.

Which Union officer is known for advocating total war on the South?

William Tecumseh Sherman was the general who theorized and applied the Total War on the South.

What union general waged a total war against the confederacy?

william tecumseh sherman

What did Shermans march to Atlanta have in common with Hiroshima in 1945?

In its' day, it represented "Total War", just as the Atomic Bomb did in WWII.

Where was total war used against the south in the civil war?

In Georgia during the "March to the Sea".