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something, short skirts and crop tops

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gray and black so they didn't get seen by German spotlights

women started to wear trousers during world war II

German women wear a variety of different styles. Many women wear something that would be be considered fashionable in most industrialized countries.

The women wore skirts to their knees and leather jackets. The women were required to wear these close by Stalin.

The women wore a floral dress or a skirt with a blouse .

About 80 % of women in the world wear makeup

German soldiers who were stationed at death camps during World War II wore the German army's standard uniform. This uniform would have consisted of a dress jacket, pants, and boots.

Men and women would wear clothes during Jesus time.

the women wear hijab (head skarf) and wen wear khamiis

No, allied soldiers wore khaki uniforms (A shade of medium brown) and German soldiers wore blue/gray. -I believe the first to to wear camouflage were German paratroops in WW2.

Women wear long gowns for special occasions.

they should wear traditional costumes

The performer / brahmin should wear dhoti (Kachche Panche) and others can wear normal cloths. Women to wear saree during men performing the rituals.

Women : German dirndls (the traditional, richly embroidered dresses) Men : in leather lederhosen, hats, suspenders and jackets

The Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses request that during Sunday services, women wear dresses. There may be more...

The same kind as American, British, French or German women wear. Now, are we talking about Italian women who live in the big cities, or women who live out in the countryside? The women who live out in the boonies may not ever wear it...but that's the case everywhere. Big-city Italian women are up to the minute on fashion and beauty, and the makeup they wear often influences the makeup people wear everywhere else.

Generally you are nude, but you can wear underwear, especially for women who are menstruating.

Jewish women do not wear anything special during prayer. Men wear prayer shawls. Women wear modest clothing and, if they are married, some sort of head-covering. Non-Orthdox women may also wear prayer shawls and head coverings (called a kippah).

Not all women wear a veil since Vatican II. Those who do wear the veil, wear them out of reverence of the Eucharist (Jesus). During Vatican I women had to have their head covered when inside the church.

WWII happened during the 40s, so I'm guessing women wore skirts and dresses. It wasn't socially acceptable until the mid fifties for women to wear pants.

The men would wear a leggings during the summer. And the ladies wold wear light dresses. During the winter the men and women would wear heavy and warm clothing

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