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He was short with black hair that was kind of like a cloud. People often say he was seen wearing a black suit.

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Who did Harry Houdini look up to?

Mostly Robert Houdin (no, not houdini) and harry kellar

How did harry houdini get the name harry houdini?

He didnt like his born name so he changed it to Harry Houdini for stunts

What did Harry houdini look like as a kid?

He was 3 1/2 in this picture.

What is a good name for alakazam?

Houdini Like Harry Houdini

Did people like Houdini?

Yes, Harry Houdini was very popular.

What three words will describe Harry houdini?

Who is harry houdini

What nicknames did Harry Houdini go by?

Harry Houdini went by The Great Houdini.

What does harry Houdini like?

He liked magic!

What did Harry Houdini like to do?

escape from things

Was harry houdini christian?

No. Harry Houdini was Jewish.

Did Harry Houdini get married?

yes harry houdini did get married

What country was Harry Houdini from?

Harry Houdini was from Budapest, Hungary.

Is Harry Houdini dead?

Harry Houdini died in 1926.

Did Harry Houdini have a kid?

Harry Houdini did not any sons.

When did harry houdini get the name harry houdini?

when he was 17!

A funny fact about Harry Houdini?

Harry Houdini can swallow and throw up things like screwdrivers, small toy trucks, and etc.

What foods did Harry Houdini like?

Harry Houdini Liked Bread and Butter custard, which he devised the recipe for himself. You can find the recipe on google :)

Who did harry houdini admire?

Houdin [a famous magician is who harry Houdini admired. Thats why harry changed his last name to Houdini.]

Who is harry houdini related to?

Harry Houdini is related to a Mrs. Weiss and Bess Houdini and Dash Weiss

What did harry houdini do in the Olympics?

Harry Houdini did not go or do anything in the olympics.

Did Harry Houdini Have kids?

Harry and Bess Houdini did not have any children.

What kind of person was Harry Houdini?

harry houdini was a magical person

Was Harry Houdini a rabbi?

No. Harry Houdini was a magician and escape artist.

Did Harry Houdini have any childern?

Harry Houdini did not have any children.

What does Harry Houdini look like?

Houdini was about 5ft 5in - 6in. He had a strong muscular body, bushy black hair, bright blue-gray eyes, and was slightly bow-legged.