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Homer described Helen of Troy (in Greek, Ἑλένη, Helénē) as "white-armed, long-robed and richly-tressed." True to her reputation she was an otherworldly beauty that men and women alike found breathtaking. Being a Mediterranean woman she likely had pale olive skin. She was also tall and regal, possessing silken dark tresses (not blond as is commonly assumed) and had a slender figure with full hips. Her face was smooth, symmetrical and unblemished, though it was her playful hazel eyes and her knowing smile that truly captivated people. Helen was proud and intimidating, yet at times was compassionate as well. To get a true sense of her beauty, think of a young Elizabeth Taylor mixed with a heady dose of Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie.

How old was Helen of Troy when she died?

Most myths claim that the gods, angry at the trouble Helen had caused, sent storms to drive their ships off course to Egypt and other lands bordering the Mediterranean Sea. When they finally arrived in Sparta, the couple lived happily, although by some accounts, Menelaus remained suspicious of Helen ( Full Answer )

Who was Helen of Troy?

She is the daughter of Zeus and the queen of Sparta. The famous Trojan War was fought over her love. After the war her husband was Menelaus of Argos.

What did Helen Keller look like?

HELEN ADAMS KELLER was born with blue eyes and blonde hair. She wasvery pretty even after she went blind and deaf and mute fromsomething called Acute Congestion of the Stomach and Brain inFebruary of 1882. Once she went blind, her eyes rolled back,leaving lots of what the old Helen looked like behin ( Full Answer )

When was Helen of Troy born?

The birth date of Helen of Troy is unknown. However, she is the daughter of Zeus and Leda, and was produced from an egg. She later became the wife to Spartan king Tyndareus.

How was Helen lured to Troy?

When Paris came to stay at Helen and her husband's house he kidnapped her OR she willingly went with him. i don't know what exactly happened but i think this is what happened.

Where did Helen of troy live?

Helen was born and raised in Sparta. But when she was "kidnapped" by Paris, she lived in Troy.

Who did Helen of Troy marry?

Helen was married to King Menelaeus (say men-er-lay-us) of Sparta. when her father decided to give Helen a husband he said she must be blindfolded and put a golden wreath on the lucky man in the husband choosing. When Helen was blindfolded, she prayed to Aphrodite (say afro-dite-e) the goddess of ( Full Answer )

How did Menelaus get Helen back from Troy?

All of the suitors of Helen, which was essentially every king in Greece, took a vow that they would defend the honor of whomever was chosen as her husband, so as to prevent war from breaking out over the quest for her hand. When she was spirited away by Paris, Menelaus forced them to fulfill thei ( Full Answer )

Did Helen of troy really exist?

Probably. Although it is likely that her story was embellished and perhaps even confused with the stories of other notable women of that region and historical period. Answer Many ancient legends have long been thought to be completely fictitious. However, recent historical and archaeological resea ( Full Answer )

Was there a Helen of Troy?

Yes. she was a Greek demigoddess and was a daughter of Zeus and Leda. She was wife of King Menelaus. Her siblings were Castor, Polydeuces, and Clytemnestra. Later, Paris, helped by Aphrodite, abducted her to Troy. After that she was Helen of Troy. Other than the Homeric tale and later tales which m ( Full Answer )

Why did Aphrodite offer Helen to Troy?

She had promised Helen to the Trojan prince Paris, in return for pronouncing Aphrodite the winner of a beauty contest between three goddesses.

What are some symbols for Helen of Troy?

Gods had symbols. Helen was human (or, at best, a demi-goddess) and everybody praised her beauty, which cannot be called a symbol. Her beauty was her symbol. She did not have a symbol like Zeus had his lightning bolt. This is because she is only a demi godess. Her father, Zeus, was a God, but her ( Full Answer )

What things did Helen of troy do?

She married the Spartan king, Menelaus and had a daughter, Hermione, with him. However, Aphrodite made her fall in love with the Trojan prince, Paris in return for Paris' decision to grant her the golden apple of Eris. Helen fled with Paris to Troy where she married him and lived with him for 10 yea ( Full Answer )

Was Helen of Troy a twin to Clytemnestra?

Yes, in that their mother was Leda and they were born together, however, Helen was daughter of Zeus and Clytemnestra the daughter of Tyndareus.

Why was Helen of Troy kidnapped by Paris?

Well, she wasn't really kidnapped as such, you see her and Paris ran away together, because you see, Somehow, a golden apple, fell into Paris' hands. But you see, the goddesses Anthena, Hera and Aphrodite, all wanted the apple. And so Athena offered all the wisdom in the world. Hera offered to b ( Full Answer )

Why did Helen go with Paris in Troy?

Because Aphrodite granted Paris marriage to the most beautiful woman in the world and that was Helen. Eros shot his arrow and Helen was smitten and left her husband Melaus king of Sparta for Paris prince of Troy.

Who is Helen at the Helen of troy story?

Helen of Troy, was the woman who is believed to have started/caused the Trojan War because 2 men were madly in love with her, so an ENTIRE war was fought over her.

Is Helen of Helen of Troy deserving to be in troy?

I'm not sure you understand why Helen was in Troy in the first place. In the myth, she was abducted by Aphrodite and given to Paris as a bride because she promised him the most beautiful woman in the world in exchange for his awarding her the Golden Apple. In truth, I think the movie "Troy" capture ( Full Answer )

Who was Helen of troy husband?

Helen's first husband was Menelaus (Menelaos - pronounced "meh-neh-LAH-ohs"), king of Sparta. With the help of Aphrodite, she was spirited away by Paris, Prince of Troy and wed to him under their laws.

What were Helen of troys achievements?

They didn't have XBox in ancient Greece. She was a character in a story that MIGHT have been based on a real person. She wasn't a hero or a role model. She didn't invent anything or accomplish anything, aside from starting a 10 year long war between the Achaeans and Trojans.

Was Helen of troy in love with Paris of troy?

The Iliad says yes. It should be noted, however, that the only reason that she did is because Aphrodite forced her to. She was the promised gift for Paris awarding the Golden Apple of Discord to Aphrodite. It wouldn't have made much of a gift if the woman didn't want him too.

What qualities does Helen of Troy have?

1.name the gods and goddesses in the story of helen of troy and what they represent? 2.site potable qoutes and their meaning. 3

What color eye does Helen of troy have?

The most common eye colour of that time was brown, then blue and then green so most likely her eyes were brown but no one really knows for sure.

What is the judgment of the story Helen of troy?

well the judgment is. Aphrodite wanted to be the fairest out of three women so she bargened with a prince named Paris that she would give him the most beautiful women that ever lived and that was helen of troy. so she did. she abducted helen from her home wich caused the trojan war.

What did Helen of Troy do?

Helen of Troy is known as "The face that launched a thousand ships," which is referring to her being kidnapped, thus starting the Trojan war. Truly, she didn't really do anything during the war. She was captured, the battle was won, and she was taken back home.

How was Helen of troy involved?

Aphrodite told Paris that the most beautiful woman in the world would marry him. The most beautiful woman was Helen.

What was Helen of troys aooearance?

Helen of Troy was said to be the most beautiful women in the world, so beautiful in fact, that Paris kidnapped her and thus started the Trojan war. Though she had no actual physical description, it was said that her face launched a thousand ships.

How did Helen escape troy?

In Homer's version of The Odyssey, Helen escapes after theTrojan Horse, which is a gift to Troy, came past the gates of Troyand destroys Troy in flames. Before the horse enters, Odesseus disguises to dress as a beggar.To achieve the look, he. "...first, given himself an outrageuos beating andthro ( Full Answer )

Why helen called as helen of troy?

Helen was called Helen of Troy because she was taken to Troy(a city) by Paris. She was also called Helen of Sparta because she was born there and was queen. Hope I helped!

When was Helen of troy kidnapped?

Ancient Greece, date unknown, but I do not think that Helen can be called 'kidnapped' when she left behind a daughter nine years old willingly and was also Queen of Sparta before - and after the Trojan war.

Why was Helen of troy crucifixed?

No she was not, Christianity did not exist as any kind of major religion in the time of Ancient Greece.

Family information of Helen of troy?

Helen of Troy was the daughter of Tyndareus and Leda, the king and queen of Sparta. Zeus appeared to Helen's mother in form of a swan, seducing her. Helen of Troy has two brothers and one sister: Castor and Polydeuces, and Clytemnestra. Helen then married Menelaus, the brother of Clytemnestra's husb ( Full Answer )

What does battle of troy land look like?

The land of try is best known for witnessing the Trojan war. The battle was fought between the Greeks and the Troy after Paris of Troy help Helen of Sparta elope with him to Troy.

What happened when Helen reach troy?

When Paris and Helen reached Troy, they knew that the Greeks would soon follow. There isn't much detail about what was happening in Troy because the accounts are mostly told from the Greek point of view. It can be assumed that the city prepared for war, though.

Did theseus and Helen of troy have a child?

Some say Helen had Iphigenia by Theseus, others that she was a daughter of Agamemnon and Clytaemnestra (who was a daughter of Leda Queen of Sparta and sister to Helen).

What are the contradictions of Helen of troy?

Helen of troy has many contradictions. First of all she has regretsabout following Paris (Prince Alexandros), about leaving herfamily, her husband, child and friends. Second of all she isself-aware of her reckless (wanton) behavior. She also wants todie, but if she dies she won't have any more fun o ( Full Answer )