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Henri giffard invented the first passenger carrying air ship


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Henry Bell invent the first power steamboat.

Henry brown invented the first strongbox

Henry Ford did not invent the first automobile but Nickolas Joseph Cugnot of France built the first gas powered automobile in 1769.

Henry Ford did not invent the car. He produced cars, starting in 1896 with the Quadricycle, his first automobile.

he is the first one to invent the first electric iron.

Theodore Luke Giffard Landon has written: 'The Landons, the first two hundred years'

He built his first car the Quadricycle in 1896.

Henry Ford with the Model T

nvented the very first lightbulb

Henry Ford didn't invent the car.

Henri giffard invented the airship

Walter Giffard was born in 1225.

Miles Giffard died in 1953.

Miles Giffard was born in 1927.

Godfrey Giffard was born in 1235.

Bonaventure Giffard was born in 1642.

Bonaventure Giffard died in 1734.

Osbern Giffard died in 1085.

Osbern Giffard was born in 1020.

Agnew Giffard was born in 1869.

Agnew Giffard died in 1947.

No, he didnt invent the first car. He came up with a way to manufacture cars cheaply so that they were affordable.

His first car was the Quadricycle invented in 1896.

he was the first to invent the inexpensive car and his first car was a quadricycle

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