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Hindenburg think about Hitler because hitler was growing with very fast rate in the Germany

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The German president, Paul von Hindenburg, detested Hitler and referred to him disparagingly as "der böhmische Gefreite" (the Bohemian corporal).

Paul Von Hindenburg putted Hitler and Chancellor and Hitler mad himself Fuhrer when Hindenburg died.

He was the president of Germany before the Hindenburg was made. He helped Hitler become the leader of Germany. In dedication to him, Adolf Hitler named the Zeppelin Hindenburg.

On 30 January 1933 President Hindenburg appointed Hitler Chancellor (Head of Government).

Hindenburg kept Hitler at bay until his death in 1934. Hitler assumed supreme power at that time.

Appointed as chancellor because Hindenburg thought he could control Hitler and the Nazis. Putted as leader when Hindenburg died

Hitler becomed dictator after Hindenburg died in 1934.

Paul Von Hindenburg, Hitler lost though

January 30, 1933: Hitler is appointed German Chancellor by Reich President Hindenburg (Hitler had demanded this). Hindenburg, as President, remains the head of the German military.

Hitler took over his power from Hindenburg, a social democrat. ---

Men in Crisis - 1964 Hitler vs Hindenburg was released on: USA: 3 January 1965

Before Hitler, Hindenburg was the president of Germany, although he is not regarded as a dictator.

Hindenburg putted Adolf Hitler as chancellor of Germany in 1933 because he thought, he could control Hitler and the Nazi Party.. Hindenburg wanted control because Hitler and most high ranked Nazis at the time made orders to the SA to cause chaos and riots through Germany.

Paul von Hindenburg was Chancellor of Germany, before Adolph Hitler succeeded him.

In the 1930s Hitler ran against Paul Von Hindenburg

A man named Paul von Hindenburg.Paul von HindenburgAdolf Hitler was never the President of Germany, but instead declared himself Fuhrer.

No, Paul Von Hindenburg had a huge fear of communism. In 1933 when the newly appointed chancelor Adolf Hitler burned down the Reichstag, Hitler convinced President Hindenburg that it was the work of communists, and tht he should act upon this. Of course, Hindenburg did, thus while strengthening Hitler's rise to power.

Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1934. He was appointed Chancellor by Paul von Hindenburg, who was the president of Germany at the time. When Hindenburg died, Hitler immediately appointed himself Chancellor and Fueree of Germany. Hitler was named Chancellor in January 1933.

He was appointed Chancellor by President Hindenburg.

august 1834 when hindenburg died

Hitler was appointed Chancellor by President von Hindenburg. When von Hindenburg died, Hitler's friends managed to get him appointed as president, where he abolished the position and created the position of Fuhrer.

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