What did Hitler and Stalin disagree on?

Hitler and Stalin had very different tactics of goverrnment. These differences did not lead them to war however.

The thirst for more territory of the Germans was the reason for the war.

Hitler was a fascist, more specifically a Nazism. Stalin was a communist, more specifically a Stalinist. Both committed great genocides and mass murders. However, they did it for considerably different reasons.

Stalin did this to eliminate threats to his own power, and to gain a fear factor among both his own people and the enemy (the Nazi people and soldiers).

Hitler committed them for racial reasons. He killed Jews to blame them for the economic issues.

The two styles of government disagree on the viewpoint of the people. Communists openly use fear as a factor to keep them in government. While fascists do the same, they also want people to support them, and generally hide or deny the torture and abductions of people. By this technique, fascists attempt to give off a different viewpoint to the world than what is actually happening,