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What did Italy contrabute to Australia?

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What is the distance from Australia to Italy?

What is the distance from Australia to Italy

What contribution has Italy made to Australia?

Italy has brought many cultural and economic ideas to Australia.

Is Italy bigger than Australia?

No. Italy will fit into Australia about 25.5 times. Australia has a land area of 7,682,300 sq km Italy has a land area of 301,245 sq km

How long is the flight to Italy from Australia?

It depends on where in Italy and where in Australia but it will take about 17 hours and 30 minutes.

How far is Italy from Australia in kilometers?

The flight distance from Australia to Italy is:8,950 miles / 14,404 km

Has Italy ever beaten Australia at rugby union?

As of February 2016, Italy have never beaten Australia.

How many times does Italy fit into Western Australia?

Italy will fit i9nto Western Australia 8,43 times

What is the season in Italy if it's Autumn in Australia?

If it is Autumn in Australia, it is Spring throughout the northern hemisphere, including Italy.

How does the population of Italy compare to that of Australia?

Although Italy is only a fraction of the size of Australia in area, it has a much larger population. The population of Italy in 2015 is about 61 million, whilst the population of Australia is 23.5 million.

How big is Australia compared to Italy?

australia is 2 of italy of cut off 2 quraters of autralia it aprox the same

Is there a city in Australia named Italy?

No. There is no city in Australia called Italy. On the outskirts of the city of Ballina in northern New South Wales is a settlement named "Little Italy".

Spain Peru Australia Italy which has largest land mass?


What continent is south of Italy?

the answer is Australia

What direction is Italy from Australia?


Who did Australia play in their final group match of the 2006 World Cup?

It was Italy, where they Italy cheated and got a penalty to knock Australia out.

How many stamps to get a postcard from Italy to Australia?

Depending on postcard siz e and area of Italy/Australia it averages 2 euro

What state in Australia does Italy equal to in size?

Victoria is closest in size to Italy.

How is Australia compared with Italy?

Australia and Italy have a few things in common one of the things are that they both love pizza and love to play soccer.

What Italy influence on Australia?

Some Italian influences in Australia in the links below.

If it is Spring in Australia what season will it be in Italy?

It will be Autumn.

What are the landforms in Italy?


What did Italy bring to Australia?

matteo hahahah

What does Italy import to Australia?

Ya mom

Does Italy have a embassy in Australia?

Yes, link.

How has italy influenced australia?

They sent pizzas