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He is given credit for inventing the steam engine whereas he only improved it by pressurizing the steam so it would need less water. he made many other improvements too

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What were the names of James Watt's children?

James Watt had 4 kids.They are Janet Watt , James Watt Junior , Gregory Watt and Margaret Watt.

How did James watt create steam?

He applied heat to water. The same way anyone does it.

Who was watt named after?

the watt was named after James Watt.

Who discovered the watt?

James Watt discovered watt.

Who invented the watt?

James Watt

What is James watt full name?

James Watt's full name was James Gaius Watt.

Is the term watts named after James Watt?

Yes, the unit of power is called the watt in honor of James Watt.

When was James Watt born?

James Watt was born on January 19, 1736.

Was James Watt poor?

No. James Watt was not a very good businessman but he was not poor.

When did James Cromar Watt die?

James Cromar Watt died in 1940.

When was James Cromar Watt born?

James Cromar Watt was born in 1862.

What were the inventions of James Watt?

James Watt is known for improving the Steam Engine.

What invention did James watt perfect?

James Watt improved the steam engine.

Are there any pictures of James watt?

you're kiddin' me! Of course theres pics. of James Watt. Just go to google images, type in James Watt, and Bingo!, dozens of pictures of James Watt right in front of you!

Did James watt have a wife?

Yes, Annabeth Watt or Mrs. Watt

How did James Watt contribute to science?

James watt discovered how to convert steam to electricity

What were ALL the inventions James Watt invented?

what are all the things james watt invinted

Who was in James Watts family?

Anne Muirhead, Edgar (jim) Watt and James Watt

When did James Watt die?

James Watt died on August 19, 1819 at the age of 83.

When did James watt build the steam engine?

James Watt biult the steam engine in the 1770

What job did James watt have?

James Watt got a job making instruments in Glasgow, Scotland.

What did James Watt invent in 1769?

James Watt invented steam engine improvements in 1769

Who discovered watt?

James Watt measured electrical power

What is a combination of units called a watt?

It was named after James Watt

Who created the watt voltage?

the Scottish engineer James Watt

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