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Jane Goodall 45 years ago observed chimps in the Gombe forests of Tanzania and she has redefined primate research so much so that she discovered chimps use tools like humans. Crude, but they still use them. Ms. Goodall spends 300 days per year crusading for conservation, research and education and seeks funding for the Jane Goodall Institute. She has discovered that she can do more good through her Institute to save forests so the chimps don't become extinct rather than observing them as she once use to.

I would like to mention another person that people mix up with Ms. Goodall and that is Dian Fossie who studied and even came in touch with Gorillas. Her research was extensive. She fought against poachers and politics regarding saving the Gorillas. She was murdered and although never proven most people feel she was killed by poachers or some of the village people she hired as guides, but refused to let them work with her when actually coming into complete contact with Gorillas.