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The Bible doesn't say what happened to the saints that rose from the dead when Jesus rose. Some think that they ascended with Him when He ascended. Some think that they continued living until they again died.

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Q: What did Jesus do with the old testament saints when He rose?
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Who killed Jesus in old testament?

Jesus was in the new testament and not the old testament.

How many times does Jesus says follow Me in the Old Testament?

None. Jesus was not in the Old Testament Books

Is the story of Jesus birth New Testament or Old Testament?

In the new testament. The old testament is about the time before Jesus. The new testament is Jesus's time and onward containing the work of his disciples.

Why did people searched Jesus?

JESUS was the messiah that was promised in the old testament. He was the fulfillment of old testament prophecy.

Where would you find the Old Testament in the Bible?

The old testament is the first half of the bible. The old testament is before Jesus was born (BC). The new testament is telling about Jesus' life.

Is Jesus in the New Testament or Old Testament?

Jesus is only foun in the new testament :) Read a bible!

Why old and New Testament are grouped?

The old testament is all what happened before the coming of Jesus, the new testament is after jesus came and died.

What book is a letter to the Jews and a saints hall of fame?

The book of Hebrews in the New Testament is often described as a letter to the Jews, emphasizing the supremacy of Jesus Christ and his role in fulfilling the Old Testament covenant. It also contains references to many Old Testament saints who demonstrated great faith, earning them a place in the "hall of fame" of believers.

Who are Old Testament saints?

Old Testament saints refer to individuals who were considered righteous and faithful in the Hebrew Bible, also known as the Old Testament. Examples of Old Testament saints include figures like Abraham, Moses, David, and many others who were seen as exemplars of faith and obedience to God in Jewish and Christian traditions.

How many times Jesus quote from Old Testament?

Did you mean, "How many times DID Jesus quote from THE old testament?" If so, He quoted from the Old Testament 84 times.

Is Moses also known as Jesus?

No. Jesus is the New Testament Moses is the Old Testament

What are the verses where Jesus went and preached to the old testament saints?

You must be thinking about 1 Peter 3,19 even though I would 't call them saints. Read verses 18-20 for context.