What did Jesus mean when he said his time is not come yet but your time is always ready?

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John 7:1-9
The Jewish Feast of Tabernacles was at hand in Jerusalem and Jesus' unbelieving brothers asked Him why are you waiting around, go to the feast. Jesus answered them saying "My time has not come yet." In other words Jesus was completely dependant on the Father's direction and the Father had not told Him to go to Jerusalem. (Jesus was in constant contact with the Father and obeyed Him).
In the first verse we are told that the Jews sought to kill Jesus. Jesus knew that a time was coming for Him to die on the cross of Calvary, but this was not the time.
Jesus answered, "But your time is always ready". The unbelieving brothers were not under God's time table, they didn't even believe so they could do whatever. Their time was any time.
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