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John Calvin believed in the eternal decree of an all-powerful god.

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What did jhon Calvin believe in?

John Calvin believed predestination.

Did Jean Calvin believe in predestination?

I am sure that John Calvin did.

What did John Calvin believe was the path to salvation?

John Calvin believed predestination was the path to salvation.

Did John Calvin believe in the Trinity?

This is what I am trying to find out

Who did the Calvinists believe should control the church?

John Calvin

Why did john Calvin believe he was the path to salvation?

predestination predestination predestination

How many sacraments did John Calvin believe in?

the calvinists only perform Baptism and Eucharist

What did John Calvin believe about the salvation of individuals?

People's salvation was decided before they were born.

What is the birth name of John Calvin Doyle?

John Calvin Doyle's birth name is John Calvin Doyle.

Who was the leader of the council of ministers?

John Calvin. =]john calvin

What country was John Calvin from?

John Calvin lived in France.

How tall is John Calvin?

John Calvin is 6' 3".

What is the birth name of John Calvin Byrd?

John Calvin Byrd's birth name is John Calvin Byrd III.

How did the teachings of John Calvin differ from those of Martin Luther?

Calvin is all about predestination; Luther does not believe in predestination. (Actually, Calvin believes in double predestination-- people are predestined for salvation and damnation).

Why did John Calvin create Calvinism?

Becuase Calvinism was what he believed in and what he thought was the right thing to believe.

Did john Calvin have kids?

John Calvin was a French theologist and pastor during the 1500's. John Calvin did not have a wife or children.

Who was French protestant theologian reformation?

John CalvinJohn Calvin.

When was John Calvin born?

John Calvin was born on July 10, 1509.

When was John Calvin Jeffries born?

John Calvin Jeffries was born in 1948.

When did John Calvin Fiser die?

John Calvin Fiser died in 1876.

When did John Calvin Jureit die?

John Calvin Jureit died in 2005.

When was John Calvin Jureit born?

John Calvin Jureit was born in 1918.

How tall is John Calvin McCann?

John Calvin McCann is 5' 10".

When did John Calvin Broomfield die?

John Calvin Broomfield died in 1950.

When was John Calvin Broomfield born?

John Calvin Broomfield was born in 1872.

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