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Q: What did John Jacob Astor House look like?
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How did expansion affect men like john Jacob astor?

The expansion of the country gave man like John Jacob Astor more resources. The resources enabled him to expand his businesses.

What where the names of people who died on the Titanic?

There were too many to mention, but if you are asking about famous people that perished on the Titanic, some of the notables include (in no particular order): John Jacob Astor IV, Major Archibald Butt, Colonel George Wick, Thomas Andrews, Captain Edward John Smith, Isidor and Ida Straus, George D. Widener (and his son Harry Widener), Charles Melville Hays, John B. Thayer, Edward Austin Kent, Father Thomas Byles, and Reverend John Harper.

What was on Titanic?

Titanic was the first ship that had a swimming pool and a turkish bath. Titanic was just a luxurious ship. Rich and famous people like John Jacob Astor boarded the ship. Mainly immigrants mostly from 3rd class. 1st class had all the luxury. 2nd class had a bit of it. 3rd class were treated like cattle because some of them were foreigners.

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How does john the refrigerator house look like?

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Can you Name some passengers on the titanic?

I would love to name some passenegers on the Titanic. Some of the richest people in the world were on the ship. John Jacob astor, Isdor and Idis Straus, Guggenhiem. That is all I can answer but some other people could seattlerainer Molly Brown, She got rich through her husband. Like mentioned in the movie he struck gold and that is how they become rich

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What was it like living in john Lennon's house?

Only John Lennon's family would be able to answer that.

Who directed big mommas house like father like son?

John Whitesell

How many pets survived the Titanic and how many didn't?

None. There were some dogs on the Titanic. When the ship was sinking someone let them out but they did not survive, like many others they froze in the ocean. I did not write this. 7 dogs were on the ship and Colonel John Jacob Astor IV let them out and 5 survived, including his very own Airedale, Kitty. There was a pig which survided and chickens but i am unsure the number which were there and who lived and who didn't

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