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He wanted to get a divorce which was allowed by Jewish law, but an angel came to him in a dream and the divorce was never done.

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First Joseph wanted to divorce Mary. But the angel spoke to him in a dream, and he married her.

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Q: What did Joseph do when Mary became pregnant?
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Were Mary and joseph married when Mary became pregnant?

No but they got married soon after (with the holy spirit's permission)

How long had Mary and Joseph been married when Jesus was born?

Jesus was born soon after their wedding as the Bible says Mary was a virgin when she became pregnant and Joseph wanted to break the engagement.

What was the name of the man jesus mother was engaged to at the time she became pregnant?

The name of the man was Joseph, he eventually , married Mary.

How did virgin Mary have the baby?

The Virgin Mary became pregnant with Jesus, before Joseph had married her! So she hadn't had any intimate relations with Jospeh. But she became preganant through the Holy Spirit; who had been sent by God to impregnate Mary.

Was the Virgin Mary married before getting pregnant?

No the bible says Mary got pregnant before she married Joseph.

What did Joseph intend doing when Mary the Mother of God became pregnant?

In Matthew's Gospel, Joseph considered putting Mary away privily (privately) to avoid the embarrassment of being cuckolded, but an angel came to him in a dream. In Luke's Gospel, the angel had already appeared to Mary and forewarned her of the impending event, so there was no reason for Joseph to consider putting Mary away privily.

Do catholics believe that Joseph and Mary were cousins?

No. Joseph and Mary were married. Under Hebrew law, by not casting out the pregnant Mary, Joseph accepted Earthly fatherhood of Yeshua (Jesus). Jesus is often referred to as Yeshua Bar Joseph (Jesus the son of Joseph).

Why did St. Joseph divorce Mary?

Joseph did not divorce Mary. He had considered it when he learned that Mary was pregnant and the baby was not his. However, an angel came to him in a dream and explained the situation and he went forward with the marriage.

When did Saint Joseph notice that Mary was Jesus' mother?

Joseph noticed that Mary was pregnant well before he married her. healso wanted to quitely divorce her even.

What did Joseph want to do about Mary being pregnant?

He wanted to send her away quietly.

What did Saint Joseph do that was important?

he obeyed god & loved Mary & Jesus and all of the people

Was Mary and Joseph stronger and more able to deal with what they were called to do?

I do not believe that Mary or Joseph were more special than some others of the day before they were called. They had to have faith, and had certain character. I believe that after they were called, God equipped them mightiliy. Being that Mary became pregnant out of wedlock, which was very, very uncommon for the time, they did have to be able to handle the ridicule and embarrasement.