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a hippo

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Q: What did Langston Hughes use to write poetry?
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What techniques did Langston Hughes use to write poetry?

my left nut

What are some authors that use figurative language in their poems?

Langston hughes

What types of genres did Langston hughes use?

He was a jazz poet, so im guessing jazz.

Why does Langston Hughes use situational irony in Thank You Ma'am?

To show more character in Mrs. Jones

How can you use the word poet in a sentence?

In Tiffany's language class, she had to read poems by the famous poet Langston Hughes.

How do you write a letter about you are depressed?

Write exactly how you feel or use poetry.

Langston Hughes used onomatopoeia in The Weary Blues to imitate the sound of?

Langston Hughes used onomatopoeia in 'The Weary Blues' to imitate the sound of a tapping foot on the floor. A line from the poem says 'Thump, thump, thump, went his foot on the floor.' Onomatopoeia is the use of a word to imitate natural sounds.

What is a topic Langston Hughes uses?

His life - his state of being/ point of view. (Don't use it unless there's something big/important in your life)

Language of poetry?

Various different types of language are used by poets when they write poetry. For example, they might use metaphors and similes.

Why did Langston Hughes become a writer?

He became a writer, because he was alone a lot. During his free time, he use his creativity and put it on paper. Eventually, writing became a passion of his, and he turned it into his career.

How do I write an abstract on poetry?

to write an abstract poem you can use this template. ______ is _______________ ______ is _______________ ______ is _______________ ______ is _______________ ______taste like _____________ _______ smells like ___________ ________ sounds like ___________ ect.. hope this helps

When would you use poetry?

you use poetry when you feel the need to wrtie it =]

How do you use the word poetry in a sentence?

She is going to take a poetry class next semester. Poetry is his favorite subject. I like poetry that rhymes.

Is there use of alliteration in Langston Hughes Theme for English B?

Yes, the example of the alliteration in Theme For English B is "Bessie, Bop, or Bach" This is an example of an alliteration because all of these words start with the same vowel.

What makes poetry different from writing?

a poem says more than just plain words. there are words when none are there. in poetry, you can interpret it into whatever you think it may be! with poetry you have the oppurtunity to use your immagination. with poetry you can read between the lines, and you can read what isn't there. poetry is more beautiful than any essay you will ever write.

How do you use poetry in a sentence?

My favorite poetry is a limmerick poem.

Did howard hughes use drugs?


Why not use capital letters in poetry?

Capital letters are used in poetry.

Why do people write poetry?

You write poetry to express your fellings. you have to give it all out, it may be hard at first because you are not use to expossing your self but you shall get used to it. Also it is easier to write something down that to say it to someones face. I am not saying that you write down mean stuff about someone you can just put in a form of poetry in ways like a name poem, clerihew poem, haiku, stair poem, color poem, 5 w's, trinagular triplet, wish poem, concrete poem, limereck, giggle poetry, bio poem ormy favorite place.

How does poets use nature in their poems or modern poetry?

the nature they use is the type of poem they write 1)they use narrative style 2)loving 3)caring 4)heart loving

How do you think of a poem?

A poem should be fluent and understandable, unless you intentionally do otherwise. Poems often circle three key elements: emotion, change, and tragedy. To think up poetry you just write about one of these elements and use your own style of writing to write it. Poetry has no rules.

Did John Keats use rhyme and meter in his poetry?

Yes, John Keats did use rhyme and meter in his poetry.

What songwriters use poetry to write their music?

A lot. In fact, when you think about it, almost all songs are poetry. They're just put to a beat and music. So in short pretty much every songwriter does. Hope this helps!

How do you use cinquain in a sentence?

My assignment in poetry class was to choose and write a specific type of stanza. I chose to write a cinquain, because writing only five lines looked pretty easy to me.

What writing techniques did CS Lewis use in his poems?

C.S. Lewis' poetry was narrative and lyrical in form, and he was determined to use as much of the traditional techniques of poetry (rhyme, meter, etc.) as possible; he did not care for the modernists of his time. Despite being much better known and regarded for his prose and critical works, he continued to write poetry his entire life.