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What did Leon Trotsky do?

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In 1897, he was a driving force in founding the South Russia

Workers Union and in 1898 the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party


Trotsky shifted from the Menshevik faction of the RSDLP to

Lenin's Bolshevik faction and became a leading socialist


He became president of the Petrograd Soviet just before the

October Revolution and was deeply involved in planning the

Bolshevik insurrection that became known as the October


He was the new country's first Commissar of External Affairs.

When the Russian Civil War broke out, he became Commissar of

Military Affairs; organized the Red Army and defeated the White


He became Lenin's number two man in running the country after

that, but when Lenin died, he lost a power struggle to Joseph

Stalin. Stalin had him expelled from the Communist Party, exiled

from the country and eventually murdered 25 years later.

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