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What did Lucille Ball want to be as a child?

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She wanted to be in vaudeville.

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When did Lucille Ball have her second child?

Lucille had her second child Lucie in 1951.

When did lucille ball have her first child?

Lucille Ball had her first child in 1951. the date of the birth was July 17,1951.

Does Lucille ball have an illegitimate child?


Where did Lucille Ball raised as a child?

Jamestown, NY

Did lucille ball do drugs?

no lucille ball did not do drugs

Was lucille ball bisexual?

Was Lucille ball bisexual

Where does Lucille Ball live?

Lucille ball is dead there for she does not have an address

Where can you find pictures of lucille ball?

you can type up lucille ball pics and it should say lucille ball image results. CLICK IT

When was Lucille Ball born?

Lucille Ball was born on August 6, 1911.

When did lucille ball garduate?

Lucille Ball never got her high-school diploma.

What comediennes were influenced by Lucille Ball?

Actually, George Lopez was inspired by Lucille Ball.

What was Lucille Ball'smaiden name?

Lucille Desiree Ball.

What is the value of a Lucille Ball doll?

Go to because it depends on the one you want

When did Lucille Ball die?

Lucille Ball died on April 26, 1989 at the age of 77.

Has Lucille Ball ever won an Oscar?

Lucille Ball was never nominated for an Academy Award.

What awards did lucille ball have for graduating high school?

Lucille Ball never graduated highschool.

What famous tv show does lucille ball star in?

I Love Lucy and The Lucille Ball Show

Did Lucille Ball have a Florida house?

Yes, Lucille Ball had a house in Sarasota on Bird Key.

Did Lucille Ball have kids?

Yes, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz had three children. Her eldest child was a girl given to a nurse to raise. In the room were the nurse, an attorney and Lucille Ball. That nurse would raise the child herself with a flexible budget and absolute instructions. That daughter was protected in the sense that everything she needed would be provided for but she was also not to interfere in any way with Lucille Ball's life or career. Basically, that first child was rejected and protected simultaneously. The child she had, has vivid memories of her interactions with a redheaded Mrs. Morton. That granddaughter is the spitting image of her aunt Lucie Desiree Arnaz. Lucille Ball's second daughter, is Lucie Desiree Luckinbill (nee Arnaz). Lucille Ball's youngest child is her son, Desiderio Alberto Arnaz. Lucille Ball's granddaughter from her first daughter has been diagnosed with the same cardiac condition that ended Lucille Ball's life. Corroborative reports with corroborative DNA are irrefutable.

Where can we visit lucille ball's first home?

Lucille Ball was born in Jamestown, New York. I'm not sure where her home is, but I do know that there is a museum there dedicated to I LOVE LUCY. If you want to visit someplace about Lucille Ball, that would be a good idea. The Desilu Museum

What is the answer to the rebus puzzle with the word Lucille in a circle?

Lucille ball

Was lucille ball married?

yes Lucille ball was married, she was married to Desi arnez.:)

Did Lucille Ball have any siblings?

Lucille Ball had one brother, Frederick (Fred). She also had a younger cousin named Cleo who was not her sister but acted as a sister and lived with lucille ball.

How old was Lucille Ball at death?

Lucille Ball died on April 26, 1989 at the age of 77.

Is lucille ball alive?