Korean War

What did MacArthur want to do to win the Korean war?


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open a full scale war against North Korea and its allies like china

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Douglas MacArthur was a general in the US army. He had major a influence in the win of the US in the Pacific in World War II. He was dismissed by the president Harry Truman during the Korean War.

No, Ronald Reagan did not win the Korean War.

To win the war fast, just like we had won WW2 against Japan with them.

general macarthur wasnt pleased because he said " you cant fight and win a limited war.

General Douglas MacArthur commanded all the American forces in the Korean War. He led a brilliant amphibious attack behind enemy lines at Inchon, nearly allowing the United States to win the war. The Chinese intervention caused the American forces to retreat, MacArthur demanded retaliation against China by possibly using nuclear weapons. President Truman denied his request, and after public disputes between the two, President Truman relieved MacArthur of his command on grounds of insubordination.

Yes, he was the commander until relieved (fired) by Truman and replaced by General Ridgeway. Mac wanted to invade Red China and use nukes to win the war. Truman disagreed, so he fired him.

Could've been GEN MacArthur with his WWII win win attitude. And it could've been Pres Truman replying back with his, "...this is the wrong war, with the wrong people, at the wrong time..." and Mac was relieved of command (fired in civilian terms).

Douglas MacArthur made much stratigies that help the US win World War 2. He also was called the the fighting man for his excellent fighting skills.

It was a tie. They all stopped fighting.

Arthur MacArthur in the US Civil War and his son Douglas MacArthur in WWII. Theodore Roosevlt in the Spanish American War and his son Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. in WWII.

The US won the battles, restored the border and accepted a cease fire. Officially the Korean War has never been ended.

The war was won. The Communists were stopped at the 38th Parallel.

In the Korean War. The DPRK won defeating the American imperialists and south Korean traitors. But it is no over yet South Korea must be liberated from imperialist control.

General MacArthur helped the US win the War in the Pacific. He was a rallying point for the U.S. and Philippines. He was also known for being fired by President Truman during the Korean War. -- •He liberated the Filipinos from the Japanese and led the rebuilding of Japan to a democratic country after WWII. •He was chosen to lead the United Nations Command in a war against North Korean aggression, and commanded the U.S. Forces of the Pacific in WWII. •His famous quotes are: "I shall return." and "Old soldiers never die. They just fade away."

Neither- South Korea did. The U.S. helped South Korea win the war (U.S. always gets involved).

No, I would not. It is a stalemate at best.

Truman had been an artillery Captain with the Missouri Army National Guard; but was a politician at heart. MacArthur was a born and bred fighting man. His father had won the Medal of Honor during the US Civil War. True fighting men like Grant, Sherman, Patton and MacArthur made better soldiers than politicians. Moderate fighting men like Eisenhower, Bradley, and Truman made better politicians than soldiers. MacArthur would win wars, but we didn't WANT A WAR in Korea. The "fighting man" inside MacArthur couldn't or wouldn't see that. The "Politician" inside Truman could see it very clearly; Korea could lead to nuclear war. The wrong war, at the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong people. For a LIMITED WAR (the only kind one can fight in the ATOMIC AGE) Truman had the best strategy. It ended with an Armistice in 1953. MacArthur would NOT have fought a LIMITED WAR; he would have invaded Red China and used Atomic Bombs.

No, a ceasefire still exists, it`s a standoff at the 38th parallel. Also, in theory the Korean War was an authorized United Nations war. The US did however, supply most of the troops.

territory but neither side could win complete victory

The US won the Korean War and South Korea is a republic similar to ours. The US did not win the Korean war. See "Who actually won the Korean War?" Better answer. South Korea won the Korean War With the Help of Britain, Autralia and USA Neither side won the Korean War, although at first it seems like North Korea was winning and then the South was. It was a tie because there was a stalemate for two years between the two sides.

Wellllll...technically the Korean War isn't over! There is a "truce" in effect, and Americans are still stationed in Korea along the demilitarized zone. This war is technically still going on, over 50 years later.

General-Of-The-Army Douglas MacArthur believed that he could win the Korean War by means of an invasion of mainland China. In addition to crossing the Yalu River (the border between North Korea and China in most areas) with land invasion of Manchuria (northeast China), he also proposed the atomic bombing specifically of Beijing and perhaps other major Chinese cities if it came to it (such as Guangzhou and Shanghai). He was quite vehemently attached to the idea that China should be eradicated. For information as to the President's reaction to this idea, see the below link.

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