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Madame Hoo stole a valuable jade necklace from the museum.

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Q: What did Madame Hoo steal?
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Why did madame hoo steal sydelle pulaskis shorthand notebook?

Madame Hoo stole Sydelle Pulaski's shorthand notebook to prevent her from revealing valuable information contained in the notebook. Madame Hoo likely had something to hide or was protecting her own secrets from being exposed.

Why did Madame Sun Lin Hoo steal the clock and jewelry?

she stole them because she was saving up for a ticket back to china

What motivates madame hoo to steal things?

Hey there, I never thought I'd find someone asking a Westing Game question on a site like this! Anyway, Madame Hoo is motivated to steal things because she hopes to sell them so that she can earn enough money to move back to China. Hope this helped.

Who is the burglar?

Madame Hoo

What word did madame Hoo learn from Otis amber?

Madame Hoo learned the word "dawdling" from Otis Amber.

Who was teaching Madame Hoo to speak English?

Madame Hoo was being taught English by her granddaughter, Lily Ning.

What did Madame Hoo sign as her name in the Westing game?

Do you mean her name or her position? Name: Madame Sun Lin Hoo Position: cook

Who is the burgler in the westing game?

Madame Hoo

Who was the burgler in the westing game?

Madame Hoo

In the westing game whos the burgaliar?

Madame Hoo

What is madame hoo connection to sam westing?

Madame Hoo was a tenant in one of Sam Westing's buildings and was also a friend of Sam Westing's ex-wife. Madame Hoo was invited to participate in the Westing Game, a mystery game created by Sam Westing.

What did mrs hoo steal in the westing game?

Mrs. Hoo stole the clues from the Westing Game before her partner, Dr. Deere, could find them. She wanted to uncover the Westing mystery for herself and was willing to do whatever it took to win the game.