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The protestant church
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Was Martin Luther a reformer or radical?

\n. \nThe answer to that always depended on who was asked, and it may still depend on who is asked today. Historically, to those who clung tenaciously to the traditions of the medieval Roman Church in Europe, Martin Luther was a dangerous radical out to destroy Christianity. On the other hand, thos ( Full Answer )

What are facts about Martin Luther and the Reformation?

What are some facts about Martin Luther and the Reformation? Well, I have a project about these things and have a few answers.. 1. Christianity has five branches: Catholic, Luthern, Reformed (based primarily on the theology of Calvin), Anabaptist (the radical groups, emphasizing complete separation ( Full Answer )

How did Martin Luther change during the Reformation?

martin Luther once though that God hated him, that Martin didn't deserve to be loved by Him. So during the reformation, Martin realized that if you have faith in God, then He will love and help you.

What role did Martin Luther play in the Reformation?

The Protestant Reformation lasted from 1517 to 1648. During theMiddle Ages, the Roman Catholic Church was an extremely powerful,unifying force of the people. As a result, the pope acted as theintermediary between men and God. As the Church gained more andmore power, it began to use corrupt methods t ( Full Answer )

How Martin Luther King affect the Reformation?

If you are inquiring about the Protestant Reformation, MartinLuther is seen as the founder of the Protestant religion and himposting his 95 Theses on the Church in Wittemberg is consideredwhere the Reformation began. Luther's beliefs targeted the CatholicChurch, and he challenged the ideas of indulg ( Full Answer )

How did Martin Luther start the Reformation Movement?

I HAVE READ THAT HE STARTED THE REFOMATION BECAUSE PRIEST WHERE TAKING MONEY FROM PEOPLE TO HELP GET THEM TO HEAVEN ..... Answer Some priests were indeed selling " Indulgences ". This is no longer the case . Martin Luther had issues with the Pope . He took John Wesley with him. There are now Luth ( Full Answer )

When did martin Luther start the reformation?

31 October 1517, when he nailed his "95 Theses" to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, criticising certain practices of the Roman Catholic Church.

How did Martin Luther and Henry VIII bring about the Reformation?

wow...thats a real dumb answer....there certainly was theft by certain corrupt priests and some bishops may have been involved...there have been corrupt popes and heterodox popes...even in the present day...such as pope paul vi...the catholic faith never changed anything in the bible it always follo ( Full Answer )

What reforms did Martin Luther seek?

He wanted the Catholic churches to stop taking money for people's evil-doings to be forgiven. He saw right through their crave for money and realized very soon that they sold parchments that made God "forgive" you and erase whatever bad you'd done. Martin Luther did not like this, so he hung a parch ( Full Answer )

Did Martin Luther reform England in Henry vii reign?

Martin Luther never visited England, though his famous 'Ninety Five Theses', written in 1517, and his other works, were printed and widely circulated across Europe, including England, certainly by 1519. England certainly experienced and was involved in what has been called the Protestant Reformat ( Full Answer )

Would the Reformation have occurred had Martin Luther been killed?

In my eyes, no. The reformation could not have occured without the aid of Martin Luther. Many would say that he is the father of the reformation due to his contributions and overall spark towards such a revolution. Luther's 95 Thesis will go down as one of the most important and historic events in b ( Full Answer )

What was Martin Luthers Role in the Reformation?

Martin Luthers role in the reformation was to force the church to let humanism be allowed. Humanism is free-thinking. He wanted people to be able to be humanist and not have to follow the church. He also created the 95 theses and stapled it to the church door because he wanted to correct what he saw ( Full Answer )

What did martin Luther do during the reformation?

he contributed to society by saying indulgences were wrong and when he tried to stop them he got excommunicated but that didn't stop him from preaching he went on and started to preach in other places

Why did Martin Luther begin the Reformation?

As a Catholic monk, Luther upset with several teachings of the Pope, became fully disenchanted with the practice of selling 'indulgences' - paying for the forgiveness of sin to go to heaven. He posted his 95 theses as a result. The rest is history.

Why did Martin Luther Want to reform the Church?

Some Church leaders had become corrupt. Pope Alexander VI, for example, admitted that he had fathered several children, also, many Popes were pursuing worldly affairs. Priests and monks were so poorly educated that they could scarcely read. Others broke their vows by marrying, gambling and drinkin ( Full Answer )

Was Martin Luther King Jr a Catholic reformer?

no he was a Baptist minister in the 60s you're thinking of Martin Luther who helped start protestantism and inadvertently started the thirty years war, a war of independence of the Protestants from the then tyrannical Catholic church.

Why did Martin Luther need reform?

Martin Luther felt that the Catholic Church needed reform because of the bad behavior of his fellow clergy and the financial aspect of the church. One major objection he had was against "indulgences," which were things to buy so that Catholics could get away with a sin and give the church money.

Why did Martin Luther start the Protestant Reformation?

Martin Luther started the Protestant religion because he wanted to get rid of the abuses in the Church; Simony - This was where a Church was bought or sold. Nepotism; This is when a Church position is given to a friend or family member. Pluralism; This is when a person holds more than one position i ( Full Answer )

How was Martin Luther a key part of the reformation?

Are you kidding? Marting Luther started the whole thing. He was the one who disagreed with the Catholics and started to "Protest". He did not like what the Catholics were doing, and they pretty much banned him from it.

How did Martin Luther reform the Roman Catholic Church?

. Catholic Answer First of all Roman is an epithet first commonly used in England after the protestant revolt to describe the Catholic Church. It is rarely used by the Catholic Church. Martin Luther did not reform the Catholic Church.

Did Martin Luther eventually reform the Catholic Church?

Great heavens, no. Martin Luther left the Catholic Church. MartinLuther, unable to deal with a moral life formed his own church thatdidn't require him to try and follow Christ. He decided that sinceOur Blessed Lord died on the cross for him, he didn't have to doanything, so he left the church. .

Why was Martin Luther significant in the reformation?

Martin Luther was the one who wanted to reform the Roman Catholic Church. In other words... Change some things... He watched there was a lot of corruption and he as a But as at that time there was so much corruption, he wrote a letter to the Priest and nail it to the door of the church. He thought t ( Full Answer )

Why did the Martin Luther want to reform the Catholic Church?

Because Luther and others opposed what they perceived as false doctrines and ecclesiastic malpractice by the Roman Catholic Church, especially the sale of indulgences. The reformers saw this as evidence of the systemic corruption of the Church's Roman Catholic Church hierarchy, which included the Po ( Full Answer )

Why did Martin Luther lead a reform movement against the Catholic Church?

A: Martin Luther sought reform within the Catholic Church, because of abuses that he saw, particularly in the sale of indulgences. In a shoddy deal, Albrecht of Brandenburg had been raised to the archdiocese of Mainz in 1514 but since he intended not to surrender his previous diocese of Magdeburg, ( Full Answer )

What were Martin Luthers ideas that lead to the Protestant Reformation?

I think his basic idea was that the church at the time was misinforming the people about Scripture. People were taught that they had to do things to make up for their sins. If they hadn't done enough good things or they had done too many bad things before they died, they were told, they'd have to go ( Full Answer )

What were the central causes for the Protestant Reformation started by Martin Luther in the Middle Ages?

The reason he started the Protestant Reformation was because he started to doubt his catholic faith and didn't agree with certain things that in reality were actually true, but he didn't want to hear that or accept that fact. And the reason as to why there are so many different versions of the bible ( Full Answer )

What Martin Luther idea did the Catholic Church include in its reforms?

Martin Luther's "ideas" were contained in his 95 Theses. They are all over the place, some of them call for things which have always been legitimate Catholic teaching. Others are completely off the wall. The ones that were already Catholic teaching, of course needed no reform, others were condemned ( Full Answer )

What was the difference between early reformers and later reformers like Martin Luther?

Early reformers actually reformed the Church, Martin Luther did not reform the Church, he apostatized and took others into heresy with him. Early reformers started by reforming their own lives, great saints like St. Catherine of Siena, who almost single handedly ended the Western Schism were extreme ( Full Answer )

Was Martin Luther King a religious reformer?

Martin Luther King Jr. was a civil rights leader; the reforms thathe worked for concerned the problem of racial discrimination inAmerica. He was not trying to reform religion, although he wasnamed after a religious reformer, Martin Luther.

How did Martin Luther lead a reform against the Catholic Church?

The Western Church in the early 16th century included a lot ofcorruption. It was effectively controlled by the noble houses ofEurope and Christianity was at a premium. Luther was particularlyangered by the practice (never official) of selling indulgences topay for the rebuilding of St Peter's in Rom ( Full Answer )

What were the ideas behind Martin Luther during the reformation?

Martin Luther was not the only person involved in reformation otherpeople such as Jan Hus, Peter Waldo, and John Wycliffe had madeattempts at reforming the Catholic Church The selling/abuse of indulgences was a concern of Luther. Thereform movement really gained momentum When Martin Luther wrote an ( Full Answer )