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The Mayans did not have money.

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Q: What did Mayans do with money?
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Related questions

How did mayans make chocolate?

the Mayans used chocolate as money and food to eat.

What did the Mayans use for money?

red beans

Did the Mayans use a money?

no they just traded

How did the Mayans make money?

sell beaded jackets

Did the Mayans barter?

Yes! They didn't have a form of money.

How did the mayans make their money?

they would use trade

How did the Mayans make chocolate?

the Mayans used chocolate as money and food to eat.

What 3 things did Mayans traded to other cultures?

Cows money and shells

What did Mayans sometimes use as a form of money?

Cacao Beans. Not to be confused with cocoa beans.

What do the Mayans wear?

the mayans wear clothing

What is one sentence with both words Indigenous peoples and highland Mayan?

Indigenous peoples living in high Mayan are Peruvians. "The indigenous peoples are at war with the highland Mayans, said Dr. Robinson. "My money's on the Mayans."

Did the Mayans use money?

No. They didn't use money like coins or paper money (Chinese were first at that one I think). However they used a bartering system or some other product to make purchases

What did the mayans did for fun?

the mayans played pok-a-tok.

What did the Mayans house look like?

The Mayans had adobe houses with thatched roofs. The Mayans had to build slowly.

What is the birth name of Antonio Mayans?

Antonio Mayans's birth name is Mayans Hervs, Jos Antonio.

What did the Mayans live in?

the mayans live in mexico.

Where did the Mayans settle?

the Mayans settled in peten

What weather did the Mayans have?

The Mayans had hot weather.

Did Mayans have terraces?

why did the mayans build terraces

Who did Mayans trade with?

with other groups in the Mayans

Were did the Mayans go?

The Mayans turned into Mexicans

Where did the mayans settled?

the Mayans settled in peten

Did the Mayans have totem poles?

yes Mayans did have totem poles

What was the climate where the Mayans lived?

Well the Mayans lived an a tropical region so therefor the mayans lived in the Jungle

How many alphabets did ancient Mayans have?

The ancient Mayans didn't use alphabetic writing. Mayans used hieroglyphics.