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What did Mohammad do?


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February 25, 2012 8:38PM

Answer 1: Knowing that he was the Last prophet, he preached and made a new religion in the Islamic Faith.

Answer 2:

Mohammad made a new religion called Islam.

Mohammad tried to win converts from all religions by incorporating teachings from Judaism (One God), Christianity (Jesus) and from pagan idol worshipers (Kaaba worship).

Mohammad agreed with the ONE God principle of the Bible but denied many facts from the Bible. Mohammad contradicted himself from all the prophets of the Bible without giving any proof. This created a new religion called Islam.

The one book Quran came out of Mohammad contradicted the 39 books of Judaism came through about 30 prophets.

Again Quran contradicted 27 books of the New Testament and the teachings of Jesus Christ in many ways.

There are many other things Mohammad did. I would suggest the readers to buy a book on the history and life of Mohammad to read more about his marriages, wars he lead, teachings and his death.