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He believed that the best form of government was one divided into different sources of power because he also believed that dictators were unjust. An example is like a legislative power, a judicial power, and an executive power.

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Q: What did Montesquieu believe?
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Why did Montesquieu believe people could not govern themselves?

Montesquieu did believe people could govern themselves

What did Baron de Montesquieu believe about government's power?

baron de montesquieu believe that government can protect their natural rights....

What type of government did montesquieu support?

Baron de Montesquieu believe or supported Separation of Powers.

What did Baron de Montesquieu believe in?

separation of power

Did Baron de Montesquieu believe that human kind wwas good or bad?

No, Baron de Montesquieu belive that human kind was good.

What revolution was baron de montesquieu apart of?

I believe it was the French Revolution.

How did Montesquieu believe led to the fall of Rome?

Montesquieu postulated that Rome's military might outweighed its dedication to civic responsibility and the costs of expansion undermined the Empire.

Did Montesquieu believe that government powers should be divided into three branches?

Yes he did

How did Montesquieu believe people were born?

the people born equal one another

What did montesquieu believe in?

he belived that we were moved too much by emotion and too little by reason

Which three powers did Montesquieu believe should be separated among branches of government?

The Founding Fathers took heed of Montesquieu by establishing an independent executive, legislative, and judiciary branches- chacha

Why does Montesquieu believe that disobeying laws lead to loss of liberty?

montesquieu believed that disobeying laws leads to a loss of liberty because, not monarchs or unrestrained mobs- should goern society.

How did Montesquieu believe government should be divided?

Montesquieu Believed the government should divide itself according to its powers which would create the three branches in the government Judicial, Legislative, and Executive.

What impact did Montesquieu have on society?

montesquieu impact

What did Baron de Montesquieu believe?

Among many things, Baron de Montesquieu is most famous for believing in the separation of powers, which is the basis of most democratic governments today, such as the United Kingdom and United States.

What government did montesquieu want?

Charles de Montesquieu wanted the Parliament of Bordeaux to have an equal government, with separation of powers into judicial, legislative, and executive branches. He also did not believe in absolute monarchy, but wanted limited monarchy.

What did Montesquieu believe led to the fall of Rome?

He concluded that Rome's Collapse was directly related to its loss of political liberties.

Where did montesquieu live?

Montesquieu lived in Bordeaux, France

What did montesquieu believe was the best form of government?

Montesquieu was a French lawyer and political philosopher who created the area of separation of powers which is used in many constitutions around the world. Montesquieu was considered revolutionary for articulating two types of governmental power: sovereign and administrative. The administrative portion consists of executive, legislative, and judicial branches.

When was Montesquieu born?

Montesquieu was born on January 18, 1689.

Why did Montesquieu believe that the powers of the government should be divided?

So no one branch could over power another one.

Does montesquieu believe in representative democracy?

YES. Montesquieu believed that a republic, which is a form of representative democracy, was the best form of government. However, Montesquieu spent much more time emphasizing that the effective administration of a republic (or of any other type of government) required a separation of powers, so that no single branch could overpower the others.

What were john Locke montesquieu and hobbes major arguments regarding the natural rights?

funny as this seems, this is my research paper topic...this website has helped me extremely: it basically breaks down what Hobbes, Locke, Montesquieu, and Rosseau believe

What is Romeos last name is it Montuage or Montesquieu?

Montague Montesquieu was a philesophe.

How many books did montesquieu write?

montesquieu wrote 12 books

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