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Mr. Stryver stopped by Tellson's Bank to talk to Mr. Lorry.

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Mr. Stryver stopped to have dinner and a few glasses of wine before proposing to Lucie Manette.

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Mr. Lorry was surpised to hear the news.

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Q: What did Mr. Stryver do on his way to propose to Lucie Manette?
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What did Mr Stryver do on his way to propose to Lucie Manette?

Mr. Stryver stopped by Tellson's Bank to talk to Mr. Lorry.

In A Tale of Two Cities how does stryver view his marriage to lucie?

Stryver views his marriage to Lucie as a practical arrangement that will benefit him socially and financially. He sees Lucie as a suitable partner due to her beauty and status, but he lacks genuine love or emotional connection to her. Ultimately, Stryver is more focused on advancing his social standing than building a meaningful relationship with Lucie.

Why does Dr. Manette cobble for nine days after Lucie and Charles are married?

In A Tale of Two Cities, Dr. Manette cobbles for nine days after Lucie and Charles are married because it is his way of escaping from distressing news. He has just learned from Darney his true identity.charles was the next Marquis, which before he was imprisoned by the previous Marquis

How will the new domestic arrangement for the Manettes resolve the problem of Charles' love for Lucie separating her from her father?

The new arrangement allows Dr. Manette to live with the couple, ensuring that Lucie is not separated from her father. This way, Charles can still show his love for Lucie while Dr. Manette remains an integral part of their lives. It fosters a familial bond that maintains their unity and happiness.

What is the main conflict in A Tale of Two Cities?

The main conflict in A Tale of Two Cities revolves around the themes of social injustice and revolution. The conflict arises from the stark contrast between the oppressed lower class and the oppressive ruling class in both London and Paris during the French Revolution. Through the characters' actions and choices, the novel explores the struggle for justice, redemption, and sacrifice amidst the turbulent political backdrop.

Who was prisoner in the Tale of Two Cities?

Dr. Manette was imprisoned in the Tale of Two Cities, spending eighteen years in the Bastille. He was unjustly imprisoned by the Marquis St. EvrΓ©monde, leading to his suffering and eventual rescue by his daughter, Lucie Manette, and her husband, Charles Darnay.

How do you propose a homely girl?

The exact same way you would propose anyone you'd want to propose.

Why does madame defarge wish to see lucie and younger lucie?

So that she can knit their descriptions, that way she can have them be killed later on.

What three characters show loyalty in A Tale of Two Cities?

Three characters who show loyalty in "A Tale of Two Cities" are Sydney Carton, Charles Darnay, and Jarvis Lorry. Sydney Carton displays loyalty in his love for Lucie Manette and ultimately sacrifices himself for her happiness. Charles Darnay remains loyal to his beliefs and principles despite facing numerous challenges. Jarvis Lorry demonstrates unwavering loyalty to the Manette family, serving as a reliable companion and friend throughout the novel.

How can you propose a girl if ido not know anything about her?

There is no way to propose if you don't know the girl and what is the point in proposing?

Why does Doctor Manette resume shoe making as soon as Lucie and Darnay leave on there honeymoon?

Doctor Manette resumes shoe making as a way to cope with the stress and anxiety he experiences in their absence. The act of making shoes was a therapeutic activity for him during his time in captivity, and it serves as a way to provide comfort and stability during their absence. Additionally, it allows him to channel his emotions and keep himself occupied while they are away.

How can you find an author if you only know the names of the characters in the book?

Try putting the characters' names into a search query such as Google. You will probably want to put each character's name into quotes to have it treated as a unit: for example,"Lucie Manette" "Charles Darnay"If you can't find it that way, you can always try posting the question here, or use a serious research source such as