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Q: What did Nancy reagon mean by ''just say no''?
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What did Nancy Reagan mean by just say no?

Do not take drugs.

What are Nancy Reagan's accomplishments?

started "just say no"

What was Nancy Reagan best accomplishment?

Started the "just say no" program

Nancy Reagan concentrated on the fight against?

Nancy Reagan concentrated on the use of drugs. Her catch phrase was 'Just Say No.'

What did Nancy Reagan do as First Lady?

her personal cause was "just say no" to drugs campaign

What is 'Say hello to Nancy for me' in Italian?

Salutami Nancy

What is recommendation of drug for young people?

Nancy Reagan put it quite simply. She advised, "Just say no."

Is Ronald Reagon married?

I guess the correct way this to say he WAS but he is deceased now. He was actually married twice but divorced his first wife.

What program did the first lady Nancy Reagan start?

She pushed for drug prevention and education. Her slogan was "Just say NO!"

How do you say Hello my name is Nancy in french?

Bonjour, je m'appelle Nancy.

Why do you always get bad eggs with Pokesav everytime I put in a code it is a bad egg?

You must say it came from a different reagon than shinnon

What is the meaning of name Jancy?

I'd say it's a combination of Jane and Nancy. Jane means 'God is gracious' and Nancy means 'Grace'. Jane is a form of John, and Nancy can be traced back to Hannah. So, Jancy could mean 'God's grace'.