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what does it mean to say that there are different publics that help make up public opinion

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Q: What does it mean to say that there are different publics that help make up public opinion?
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What mirrors public opinion but also helps it?

The events that happen in the day to day mirrors the public opinion. The political leaders and the media help shape it.

How can the media help shape public opinion?

by providing information to a large number of people

How can the mass help shape public opinion?

by providing information to a large number of people

Where can one locate public opinion polls?

There are many places you can go to locate public opinion polls. There are a lot of databases on the internet that will help you find what you are looking for such as The University of Chicago Library.

What do public officials do with public opinion polls?

Opinion polls are an attempt to accurately measure the opinion of the public on an issue. They vary in quality depending on how and when they are taken and the questions they ask. Officials use them to help guide their decisions and please the public. Sometimes they use them to justfy their decisions. In this case, the questions are usually slanted to produce the answer they want.

How did photography help with public opinion concerning the war?

a bank a a place you need to go to get some money

Are aluminum windows a good choice for my home?

I need to hear publics opinion on aluminum windows and would they be a good fit for a huge home are they durable and would they look cool also, I'm not sure and need help understanding would they be a good choice

Mass media can help shape public opinion by?

Mass media can shape public opinion by controlling the information that is presented to the public, influencing how issues are framed and discussed, and setting the agenda for what topics are considered important. Through the power of storytelling and representation, mass media can sway public sentiment and shape collective attitudes towards different issues and events.

What is the purpose of opinion polls?

To give insight on the likely outcome. Also to help determine the public opinion.

Should public opinion be ignored?

No, because people could change another persons mind. And other people (in public) can say something that you never thought of or came up with. And it can help a lot.Another Answer:The odd thing about public opinion is that it is what someone else says it is. This means, it is a slave to what ever the reporting person wants it to be. We, as the public, do not have ready access to the polls that are used to gather public opinion and must rely on the poll takers and their treatment of the data. This means that we must be very cautious when we listen to "public opinion." We must take into consideration the biases of the reporter of it. While it is fine to listen to what someone else says, we should consider the same data from as many different perspectives as possible before deciding on the validity of that data.

Why did this image help turn American public opinion against the war in Vietnam?

We don't have the image you were given so the question can't be answered.

What of the following mirrors public opinion but also helps share shape it?

the media -nonovant or grad point