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Yes,Neil Armstrong did belive in alot of things like will i ever go to the moon? and yes he did.

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yeah, i believe so. And it's "Neil Armstrong" not "niels armstrong"

Neil Armstrong was a protestant.

Neil Armstrong did have a brother, Dean Armstrong.

struggles that neil armstrong had?

No, Neil Armstrong was an astronaut.

No. Neil and Lance Armstrong are not related.

No, Neil Armstrong and Louis Armstrong were not related.No. Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon but Louis Armstrong was a famous musician.

Neil Armstrong was probably rich.

No, Neil Armstrong was born in Ohio.

Neil Armstrong is alive and well!

Neil Armstrong went to the moon.

No. Neil Armstrong was born in Ohio.

Mr Neil armstrong is from the U.S.A.

Neil Armstrong moved to Ohio

no your thinking of lance armstrong. neil armstrong died.

Neil Armstrong name is Neil Alden Armstrong.

There are some conspiracy theorists that believe the moon landing was a hoax, but overall, it is an accepted fact that Neil Armstrong did indeed land on the moon.

There was a Neil Armstrong that played ice hockey, but it was not the same Neil Armstrong that walked on the moon.

Neil Armstrong was 62 in 1994 when, his then wife, Janet filed for divorce.Neil Armstrong did not divorced Janet Armstrong, she died.In 1994.

Neil Armstrong landed with Apollo 11!!

Neil Armstrong died in 2012.

buzz Aldrin went to the moon with Neil Armstrong

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