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Oliver Cromwell's religion, Puritan, was not a great believer in 'fun.' Some say that he was a very enthusiastic, fun-loving man, who smoked tobacco and enjoyed a drink every so often. At the wedding of his daughter Frances, he was reportedly very enthusiastic and in high spirits, so much so that he tossed wine over the wedding guests and 'danced until dawn.' Others say that he had severe mood swings. Evidence of this is what he wrote soon after becoming close to a mental and physical breakdown (causing him to think he was dying): "Oh, have I lived in and loved darkness and hated the light, I was a chief, the chief of sinners . . . I hated godliness; yet God had mercy upon me. O the riches of His mercy!" he came from being disgusted by godliness to becoming convinced that God had placed eternal salvation into his life plan.

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Q: What did Oliver Cromwell do at his daughters wedding?
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