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Paul wrote about women in the church in his letters to the Corinthians and Timothy. He emphasized that women should learn quietly and not have authority over men in the church. However, he also recognized the important roles women played in serving and ministering within the church.

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Q: What did Paul say about women in the church?
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Why shouldn't women have equal rights in religion what problems might it cause in the future?

there is no reason at all! Sometimes people misinterpet the verse in the new testament that says, "women should be silent in church" to mean that women should not be teachers in the church. But when Paul wrote this verse women had only very recenty been allowed in church and therefore didn't know as much as the men did. If thee women had been allowed to ask questions throut the entire sermon they never would have gotten anything done! Paul just meant that until the women studied the bible and knew a lot about it they should save their question for later instead of interupting the sermon every thirty seconds. Paul never meant to say women can't teach in church.

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In the Puritan church, women's voices were often silenced due to patriarchal beliefs that viewed men as the spiritual leaders. Women were expected to be submissive and follow the authority of male figures in religious matters. This led to limited opportunities for women to speak, teach, or hold leadership roles within the church.

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With Bible and Only Bible. Some women think that the Bible doesn't say anything about them and leadership. The Pastor of that church is the head of that church and all women and other men need to fall in behind him. Ask God for the right words and he will give them to you.

Why did Paul suffer not a women to teach in the epistles to Timothy?

Scholars are almost unanimous that Paul did not write 1 Timothy or 2 Timothy . These epistles are called the 'Pastorals' because they were written to deal with pastoral issues that had arisen in the second century, including the roles of bishops and of women in the church. Paul himself had seen a subordinate role for women, and these epistles were strengthening and formalising that view.

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