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Q: What did Phillip teach timothy?
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Would phillip have learn the lessons on his own or would he need timothy to teach him in The Cay?


The Cay poem about phillip and timothy?

timothy a kind man phillip a guy who eats from cans timothy a wise guy phillip... who has a fat thigh timothy a nice man phillip a man who has bad plans

What did Phillip and Timothy drink in The Cay?

Phillip and Timothy only (and have to) drink water.

Conflict in timothy of The Cay?

In 1 of the chapter Timothy dies. This is how it started: When there was a storm coming their way Timothy and Phillip got ready so nothing will fly of when it hits them. (THE STORM) When the storm came it was to powerful to hold on to the tree so Timothy When on top of Phillip to protect him..... After the storm was gone Timothy drop down. Phillip thought he was still alive but just tired so Phillip tryed to wake Timothy up but then he knew he was dead.... So then Phillip wanted to dig a grave for Timothy so he would know where Timothy will be.... When Phillip gets his eye sight back he wanted to visit Timothy and thank him for everything he's done for Phillip.

How long were Timothy and Phillip on the island in the book The Cay?

Phillip and Timothy were on the island for many months until Phillip was rescued.

Where do you think the cay Timothy and Phillip land is located?

Where do you think the cay Timothy and Phillip land is located

How did Timothy and Phillip get stranded on the cay?

The ship Phillip boarded and Timothy worked on was torpedoed and Timothy put Phillip on one of the life boats while he was unconcious. They ended up going to the cay and the story goes from there.

Why didn't Phillip call Timothy Mister?

Phillip does not call Timothy "Mister" in the story "The Cay" because he doesn't seem like a mister. Timothy also gives the explanation that Timothy is black.

In the book The Cay how did timothy and Phillip become stranded on a cay?

Timothy and Phillip first got stranded on the cay because of WW2. Phillip and his mother went on the S.S.HATO to go to America while his father stayed and worked. The boat was torpedoed and Phillip and his mother got separated. Timothy had been on the boat, too. Phillip was found by Timothy, and they both floated to the island. Hope I helped!

Who is the static character in the book The Cay?

Phillip and Timothy

What happens in chapter 14 of The Cay?

Timothy and Phillip heard a rifle shot and Timothy said that it was a hurricane. Then Timothy told Phillip about a time when he was the only one who survived a hurricane and both of them got ready for the storm.

Why did Timothy try to make Phillip independent in 'The Cay'?

Just incase timothy died

How does timothy prevent phillip from becoming seriously injured?

he lift him up but timothy died

What does timothy and Phillip look like?

What does timothy Phillips 22 of Austin look like

How do Phillips and timothy relationship improve?

it improves when timothy gets sick and phillip helps him

What is timothy's last name in the book The Cay?

In The Cay, they didn't give Timothy's last name. But instead they gave the answer the Phillip's last name which is Enright- Phillip Enright.

What is chapter 4 about on The Cay?

Phillip and Timothy

In the book The Cay who reacues Phillip?


How timothy helped Phillip survive?

He didn't

What happens in chapter 10 of The Cay?

a storm comes upon the island. phillip and timothy are greatful that they have an over flowing supply of safe drinking water. phillip and timothy tell each other about them selves. they become friends, and timothy starts calling phillip by his proper name instead of; 'young bahss'.

How do Phillip end up on the raft?

After the boat that phillip was on torpedoed, Timothy rescued him and put him on the raft with him

Does Phillip die in Timothy of The Cay?

No he does not...............only blind....... don't cheat @_@ but Timothy sadly... :P

Why did timothy construct a rope path to the beach?

for phillip

What did Phillip learn from timothy in The Cay?

Phillip learned how to fish even though he was blind and he also taught Phillip how to understand others and care about others.

What is The Cay chapter 5 summary?

It is noon on the third day of being on the raft when Timothy hears a motor. After moving around a little, Timothy informs Phillip that it is an aircraft. Phillip is thinking when he hears the hinges on the trap door creak and Timothy rips off one the legs from their shelter and tears a piece of cloth. Phillip smells cloth burning and knows what is happening. Timothy is holding the wrapped piece of wood toward the sky, trying to signal. But the drone is already fading away. Timothy yells in the direction the aircraft is going. Phillip crawls over to the edge of the raft and touches the water. Timothy warns Phillip about the dangers of the sharks. Thinking out loud, Timothy states (translated)," The cat is not good luck, but to cause the death of a cat is very bad luck." Phillip asks what is in the sky. Timothy states that there is nothing much except a bird every now and then. He continues, saying that a while ago he saw a booby fly across the sky. After asking what a booby looks like, Phillip wonders if he will ever see a bird again.