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by curesing and pooping every where. Sorry I am not educatinal :)(((((((((o)(((((((((((((

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What did Pocahontas contribute?

She contributed Dickk

How did Pocahontas contribute to what is now madern day America?

Pocahontas contributed to what is now modern day America by helping explorers to reach further West. This greatly expanded the populated area of the United States and eventually its overall power.

How do you spell Pocahontas?

The famous Native America woman was Pocahontas.

Where is the real Pocahontas from?

America, Virginia

How Did Pocahontas Change America?

Pocahontas changed the world by showing how important it is to be brave and courageous.

Who was the first lady of America?

Pocahontas was the first lady of america..

Did Pocahontas ever return to America?

No, she died on her way back to America.

What part of north America did Pocahontas live in?


Why is Pocahontas important history?

Because pocahontas was a native american woman who married a european settler when tgey came over to america

What did John Smith take back to England with him when he left America?


How did Pocahontas contribute to society?

Pocahontas was also known as Rebecca Rolfe, and lived to the age of 22. She was known for her assistance of the colonials in Jamestown. She has had many stories told about her saving John Smith from her kinsmen.

What did America contribute to the Philippines?

they contribute nothing but war in the philippines.

Where did Pocahontas dide?

On her way back to America, Pochahontas died in England, and she was laid to rest there.

Who influenced Pocahontas?

who influenced pocahontas who did pocahontas influence

Were the English explorers looking for spices or gold in North America?

they were looking for gold in the movie Pocahontas

What did African-Americans contribute to America?


What did albert Einstein contribute to America?


How did Sammy Sosa contribute to America?

He didn't

What did the UK contribute to America?

Law and democracy.

How did Pocahontas become Pocahontas?

She was born as Pocahontas. But her real name was Makota.

How many movies of Pocahontas is there?

There are 2 movies. Pocahontas and Pocahontas II

Is Pocahontas a real story?

Pocahontas RealYes, Pocahontas is a real story.

When did Pocahontas was born?

when was pocahontas born

Where is coniferous forest located in north America?

what % of forest does north america contribute in world?

How did the Ohio river contribute to AMERICA?

It actually detracts from AMERICA by taking the sediments away.