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as a saint , saint Bernadette saw are virgin mother Mary 18 times. and when she died her body never rotted away and her body can still be seen in a certain church.

As a young girl in 1858, Bernadette Soubirous supposedly saw apparitions of the Virgin Mary near Lourdes. Interestingly, when pious witnesses followed Bernadette when she returned to see Mary, they saw nothing but Bernadette said that she did see the vision once again. The Catholic Church soon saw the commercial possibilities of these apparitions and aggressively marketed Lourdes as a place of pilgrimage. At first, there was no suggestion that miracle cures could be expected at Lourdes, but people of medieval and early modern times expected that wherever Mary's apparition was seen, one could expect the possibility of cures. With forceful marketing it became a place of pilgrimage for those hoping for a cure.


Approximately 7000 people in more than a century have sought to have cures confirmed as miracles. In that time, only 68 have been declared as scientifically inexplicable by both the Lourdes Medical Bureau and the Catholic Church, a number so small as to suggest that these cases were likely to have been cured or gone into remission anyway. However, the real achievement is to create a centre for pilgrimage and tourism, receiving over 80,000 pilgrims a year, and their spending and donations provide a continuing revenue stream for the Church.

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St. Bernadette is known for having experienced apparitions of the Virgin Mary at Lourdes, France in 1858. After the Marian apparitions, she devoted her life to prayer and simplicity as a nun in the Convent of St. Gildard in Nevers, France. She is considered a model of humility and faith for her unwavering devotion to God.

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In the case of Bernadette of Lourdes, she had an exemplary life that

included a series of visits from the Virgin Mary. During these visions

Mary revealed information that could not have been known by Bernadette,

who had little formal education, but which was verified by church

officials. Bernadette was in poor health all her life and suffered

tremendously but never complained. She tried to hide what she was

suffering and continued to follow her vocation as a nun until a point came

when she had to be confined to bed. When that happened, her superiors were

shocked to learn how sick she had really been.

A number of years after she died, her body was exhumed and found to be in

nearly perfect condition. Her clothing was decayed but the body was still

intact long after it should have been reduced to dust. This

incorruptibility is not enough evidence to declared the person a saint but

can reinforce evidence already obtained by other investigations.

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Q: What did Saint Bernadette do as a saint?
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Is Saint Bernadette the patron saint of Lourdes?

Yes, Bernadette is the patron saint of Lourdes, France.

Is Saint Bernadette an angel?

No, she is a saint and not an angel.

What was the name of the religious community that Saint Bernadette started?

Saint Bernadette did not start a religious community.

When was Saint Bernadette College of Alabang created?

Saint Bernadette College of Alabang was created in 1983.

How old was Saint Bernadette when she died?

Saint Bernadette of Lourdes was 35 years old when she died.

Where did Saint Bernadette go to school at?

Saint Bernadette attended the Sisters of Charity of Nevers school in France.

Did Saint Bernadette have children?

Bernadette was a nun and had no children.

How many sisters does saint Bernadette have?

Saint Bernadette Soubirous had five siblings, two brothers and three sisters.

When is the feast day of Saint Bernadette?

April 16 is the feast day of Saint Bernadette except in France where is on February 18.

What killed Saint Bernadette?

Bernadette died of tuberculosis of the bone.

What was Saint Bernadette's nationality?

She was French.

Did Saint Bernadette pray?

Yes, Bernadette prayed almost constantly.