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Q: What did Samuel worcester perceive as the cause of request for the removal?
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When was Samuel Worcester born?

Samuel Worcester was born on 1798-01-19.

When did Samuel Worcester die?

Samuel Worcester died on 1859-04-20.

What has the author Samuel Worcester Green written?

Samuel Worcester Green has written: 'Beriah Green'

When did Samuel T. Worcester die?

Samuel T. Worcester died on 1882-12-06.

When was Samuel T. Worcester born?

Samuel T. Worcester was born on 1804-08-30.

What has the author Samuel Swett Green written?

Samuel Swett Green has written: 'Worcester, England and Worcester, Massachusetts'

Who was Samuel worchester and why was he arrested?

Do you mean Samuel Worcester? Samuel Worcester was a missionary for the Cherokee Indians and signed a law forbidding white people to live in the Cherokee's territory without a license. Because he signed that law, he was arrested.

Who was the missionary to the Cherokee who brought their case to the supreme court?

Samuel Worcester .

Who aided the Cherokee by helping them secure a printing press?

Samuel Worcester

What has the author Samuel T Worcester written?

Samuel T. Worcester has written: 'History of the town of Hollis, New Hampshire, from its first settlement to the year 1879' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Registers of births, Genealogy, History

What has the author William Samuel Symonds written?

William Samuel Symonds has written: 'Old stones' 'Hanley Castle' 'On the geology of the railway from Worcester to Hereford'

What has the author Samuel Porter written?

Samuel Porter has written: 'A sermon preach'd at Douglass in the county of Worcester at the ordination of the Reverend Mr. William Phipps, Dec. 16, 1747' -- subject(s): American Sermons, Ordination sermons, Sermons, American 'A sermon preach'd at Douglas, in the county of Worcester'