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What did Thomas Jefferson think of the revolutionary war?


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he thought it was terrible and decied to write the declaration of indepedence.



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what side was Thomas Jefferson on inthe revolutionary war

Thomas Jefferson was in the Revolutionary War the year of 1812.

thomas Jefferson did not leed the revolutionary war and you need to learn how to spell

Thomas Jefferson was important in the revolutionary war because he was a patriot in the American revolution.

thomas Jefferson was famous in the revolutionary war because he wrote the Declaration of Independence

Thomas Jefferson was 33 when it started. The Revolutionary War was only 6 days after his birthday when it started!!

Yes, the revolutionary war.

Thomas Jefferson had an effect on the Revolutionary War because he was the author of The Declaration of Independence.

He was the main author of the declaration of independence.i think he was in the revalutionary war...

During the Revolutionary War, Thomas Jefferson was the elected governor of Virginia. After the war he was appointed as the ambassador to France.

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, which was in effect the declaration of war that resulted in the Revolutionary War, and he continued to be an inspiration for the idea of an independent and democratic American state.

Thomas Jefferson wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence.

Thomas Jefferson went to France and got money and men to help fight the war. This was by Adie K

Jefferson didn't fight in the war. He was in France trying to get money for the war.

Wrote the Declaration of Independence

Thomas Jefferson didn't actively fight in a war. He served as Virginia's governor for two years during the American Revolutionary War.

Thomas didn't he made the delaration of indepenence!

he didnt fight but was around in the revolutionary war

He went to France to get help with money and men to fight the war.

Jefferson was with Adams and Franklin in France working on getting men and money.

Thomas Jefferson played an important role in the new country after the revolutionary war. He helped draft legislation and became president.

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