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Who said The art of leadership is saying no not yes It is very easy to say yes?

tony blair

In aforest what does three triple mean?

Say ,tony Blair in his campaign to become prime minister said ' education , education education. '

How do you say Blair in Spanish?

benita or blanca

How do you say the name Tony in French?


How do you say classes in french?

les classes.

How do you say Blair in Gaelic?

In Scottish Gaelic it is Blàrach.

How did knights interact with other social classes?

Well a knight was usually of noble birth so he was generally higher within the social classes, which may lead you to believe that he treated other classes poorly but many knights also lived by a code of chivalry which would include defending the defenseless, always speak the truth, and respect and honor women. In this sense a knight was revered as saintly, kind, and gentle. So from that you could say that a knight treated all social classes with due respect and kindness.

How do you say i you have eight classes in french?

i vous avez huit classes

Should students switch classes alone?

It depends if your outgoing or not, I say you should change classes with a friend. It depends if your outgoing or not, I say you should change classes with a friend.

How do you say how many classes are you taking?

In English you would say "How many classes are you taking?" We need to know what language you would like to know how to say it in.

How do you say 'social' in french?


How do you say classes on Tuesday in Spanish?

classes on Tuesday = clases el martes

How do you say tony in spanish?


Is Tony Blair a freemason?

Being a Freemason myself I can say that it is not, or would not be a huge secret if he where one. Most Masons do not go out of their way to hide that fact that they are a member of the fraternity, but neither to some of them tout it publicly. Many did not knot the President Ford was in fact a Freemason, but he did not take any measures to hide it. If Former P.M. Blair is indeed a Freemason, ask him and if he is I am sure he would tell you.

Political things that led to French Revolution?

There were three social classes and the third class paid most of the taxes and had very little say in their government because they were the lowest class.

If you all ready have the classes in high school would you need same classes in college?

Well, it actually depends. If you took the classes in high school and they say that you pass or you don't need any more classes to learn more about it, then you don't need anymore classes. Or if they say you passed, but you think you're iffy on it then you can choose. But if they say you failed and if you want to keep learning about this then you have to take the other classes then, I guess you have too.

Is the Blair Witch still alive?

You could say she is still alive, if you believed in the story in the first place. You could also say that she never existed, so then no she is not alive. Or, you could say she casts spells to keep herself from dying, if you believe in that. ------ The Blair Witch is a fictional character created for the movie The Blair Witch Project. She was never alive. However, she is inspired by the true story of the Bell Witch.

How was the social classes treated?

All social classes were different. They were treated differently because of your social class. For example, if you were rich, and you are one of the nobles, that means other people would treat you with a lot of respect. If you were poor, other people might not treat you as well, and might not show any respect at all. The higher the class, the higher the respectfulness. There is a lot of difference between the social classes. For example, a Chinese poem states that a poor person was mad at a noble. The noble which is the land owner, never paid the poor person money. And he worked for him! So sometimes if you are not in the high class or anything, no one's going to listen ot what you have to say. So it's not really fair to the lower classes.

What did Tony Montana say was coming to him?

"The World"

Is the Tony Abbott dead yet?

People say that Tony Abbott has dead but people say that he hasn't it is simple that he hasn't died yet and this is the Truth.

How would social class affect what someone would wear during the Renaissance?

social classes would affect what someone would wear or what color they want to wear during the renaissance because based on there classes the upper class; royalty class has the most power so if they need or want something they would go to the middle; working class or most likely the lower; slave or servant class. the lower class has no say in any decisions , therefore the social classes mostly have affect on the poor people because they must do what there told to do.

How do you say web social in french?

Web social

Who is hotter Justin Bieber or tony oliver?

That's a matter of opinion, but I say tony oliver :D

How do you say i am taking classes in Spanish?

I am taking classes in Spanish = Estoy tomando clases en español

How do you say this in spanish have you get your classes already?

'Have you (get*)/got your classes already' = Ya tienes tus clases *ungrammatical

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