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He created short films , Mickey Mouse and was one of the first person to use colour in his movies.

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What are the most important things that Walt Disney accomplished in his lifetime?

He made Disney World. :)

Who made up Walt Disney?

Walt Disney.

What impact did Walt Disney have on society?

Walt Disney made family's come together.!

Who made Disney?

Walt Disney

Is Disneyland made by Walt Disney?

Disney World was made by Walt Disney's design, yes.

Who made Walt Disney films when Walt Disney died?

His good friends

Who made up Disney?

Walt Disney

Who made the Disney movies?

Walt Disney

Who made Walt Disney World Resort?

Walt Disney first designed Walt Disney World Resort of course, but when he died Roy Disney took over. If you mean who actually MADE Walt Disney World, well there probably were a lot of construction workers!

When did Walt Disney make both theme parks?

Walt Disney opened Disneyland on July 18th, 1955. Walt Disney only made Disneyland. He never made DisneyWorld.

Who made Walt Disney World?

Walt Disney! HE made up the idea for Walt Disney World because Disneyland was more for kids and he wanted a place where all ages could enjoy the magic of Disney!!

Which company made The Lion King?

The Walt Disney Company. At their Walt Disney Pictures studios.

What were one of the films Walt Disney made after Snow White?

After Snow White,WALT DISNEY COMPANY made Pinnochio

What was the first Disney of Walt Disney animation?

snow wight and the 7 dwarfs was the first Walt Disney film made

Why did Walt Disney make Mickey Mouse?

Walt Disney made mickey mouse because his original character Oswald the rabbit had no copyrights and was stolen so Walt Disney made Mickey Mouse

Who made toontown?

Walt Disney

Who made jetix?

Walt Disney

Who made Walt Disneyland?

Walt Disney made and constructed Disneyland(California). He had plans for Walt Disney World, (in florida), but died before he could open the park.

Did Walt Disney die before or after Walt Disney World was made?

Walt Disney died five years before the opening the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. The land had been purchased and many plans already made, but construction did not begin until after his death.

Who made the Disney rides?

Disney attractions are developed by Walt Disney Imagineering

What obstacle's did Walt Disney overcome?

Walt Disney made Walt Disney World so I think that was hard.

What made Walt Disney famous?

Mickey Mouse and his other friends are what made Walt Disney so famous he was an excellent drawer and that is what also made him famous

How did Walt Disney come up with Walt Disney World?

Walt Disney created Disneyland first and wanted it to be a place that families could come together and have fun. Then he went off his plans with Disneyland and made Walt Disney World.

How many Disney characters did Elias Walt Disney make?

Walt Disney has made hundreds of characters and his most famous is Mickey Mouse!

How did Walt Disney impact the World?

Walt Disney made the first animation film but not the first amusment park